AppleCare Issues: Anyone had a MBP damaged thru Genius Bar/Mail-in Service???

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by EatMyApple, Mar 6, 2010.

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    To make a longer story shorter, I have had my MBP repaired twice at a Apple store for a hinge issue. They fixed it, or rig-fixed it, as the same issue occurred each time. The third time, after some debating/arguing/discussing, they agreed to send in my MBP for mail-in servicing.

    I dropped it off on a Saturday, shipped out Monday, had it back Thursday the 4th. Pretty quick turn around.

    When I got it back, I inspected the hinge. Much better - looks like a new display. Then I noticed my CD slot has a nice dent which won't allow a disc to go in easily. A scuff on the right corner and a dent near the ethernet port causing an awkward shape but still functions. Also, my card reader that was in the PC/express slot was gone.

    I looked at the invoice to see if they had a phone number. Thats when I noticed some additional repairs that were not a problem before I dropped off my laptop to the Apple store. It went in only with a hinge issue.

    The laptop came back with the hinge issue fixed, a new superdrive as it was stated that was broken/not functional, and a new optical drive. I assumed the optical drive was to deal with the display repair maybe???

    I called AppleCare and stated the issues and proposed that maybe something happened at the Apple Store which is why a request was made for the broken superdrive and the new dent in that area. I have my drop-off invoice which only requests a hinge repair. They told me I need to take it up with Apple store General Manager.

    I was at home for the weekend from school when I went to the Apple store, as we do not have one in Lubbock. So I can only call the store. I have called several times each day since, left messages for him, even waiting on the line for him only to get disconnected. On Monday, I plan to call back into AppleCare.

    Just curious if anyone else has had any issues with AppleCare and a quicker contact route to get the issues corrected? Maybe email the sjobs@appleDOTcom?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Call 408 996 1010 and ask for executive customer relations...if they won't patch you through, regular customer relations is good too (make sure you say customer relations, not tech support or applecare).... give your story in long detail (they will listen) and ask for you what you want; they'll help you out. By far the best service you will get in the industry is through apple's corporate CS team. Sorry about all the trouble the store and depot gave you though.
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    Thank you for the number! I hate to complain, but I feel this was avoidable. Just a scratch or something and I wouldn't really care. But the damage to the CD drive is a bit much and could leave to issues later.

    Thank you again!

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