Applecare - "No issue is found with the product"?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Mr. Monsieur, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Hey folks!

    So...I received my new MBP about two weeks ago and I've been running it through its paces. Among other things, I've been keeping an eye on battery life and was finding that it was consistently holding a charge for only about three hours (even with the monitor dimmed and the keyboard backlighting turned off). Now...if it had been anywhere in the ballpark of the "up to seven hours" Apple advertises, I wouldn't have worried about it...but less than half?!
    So I called Apple and they had me recalibrate the battery...which didn't seem to have any effect. I called them back and they just sent me a box to send the computer back to them.'s the the email they sent to me, it reads: "Please note that if you decline service because the repair is not covered by Apple or no issue is found with the product, a diagnostic fee of no more than $100 USD may be charged." Has anyone had any experience with Apple using this loophole? I'm wondering now if when they say "up to seven hours," they mean with the computer in sleep mode? My latest battery test suggests that it's now holding a charge up to four hours...still woefully short of the seven, but perhaps they'll be like, "you said it only holds a charge for three hours, but it's holding it for four now, which is sufficient for us..."?
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    That's why they say "up to" seven hours, not "at least" seven hours. Your mileage may vary. While 3 or 4 hours may not be acceptable to you, it's "up to" seven hours. If a battery falls too far short of Apple's expectations, they could replace it, but you're certainly operating in a "grey area" where they could tell you that your battery is not defective.
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    you should ask Apple how long your battery should be good for. Ask them if that 7 hours is in sleep mode....ask them what you should expect and under what conditions. Ask them if 3 or 4 hours meets their acceptable standards for new batteries under the way you're using it, and if they say "no" then you you shouldn't expect them to say they can't find a problem and want to charge you....and be sure to document who told you what just in case you have to hassle about it later!
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    That's one of the problems trying to deal with Apple over the phone, whether it be over a warranty item or not. Walk into an Apple store with the same problem and chances are they'll give you a new machine especially since that one is only two weeks old.

    BTW, I believe even MacWorld tests on the new 7 hour battery found that it didn't yield 7 hours. Like the other post stated: "Your mileage may vary."

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    Thanks for your responses, folks!
    I just spoke with Apple again and was told that as long as there is no indication of water/drop/etc. damage, no diagnostic fee should be charged. Also, that Apple does consider 3-4 hours of battery life as unacceptable and that the MBP should be getting in the ballpark of seven hours...
    So...we'll see how things go from here!

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