AppleCare or Geek Squad PP?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CAWjr, Sep 13, 2013.

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    I'm probably going to get the 5S at BestBuy to get the RewardZone points & hopefully avoid the crowds at the Apple stores. My wife got AppleCare on her 5 when she bought it because our kids grab & play with our phones all the time. I have always said that EPPs are a rip off, but given how my 3 year old throws things, I figure it might be worth it.

    So my question is AppleCare, which just raised their deductible to $79 per incident, or Best Buy's Geek Squad PP? I can't find any details about the GSPP on the BB site like deductibles, but I have heard pretty decent things about the program. Has anyone had any experience with them both?
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    Best Buy protection is $16.19 per month. They claim there's no deductible and unlike AppleCate+, there isn't a limit to number of claims. They also say that you will receive a new phone if yours is bad. Loaners are available if your phone is out of stock. I have this on my wife's iPhone 5, but at $16 a month, I think I'll take my chances.
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    Sep 2, 2013
    Three years ago, I was told by best buy rep that I would receive a new phone if I ever had a claim. When I finally did have a claim, they told me that I would be getting a refurbished phone. I told that was not what the rep had stated, all they did was point me to the small print and there was nothing I could do.

    My suggestion to you is read all the fine print.
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    Jun 9, 2012
    BB Geek Squad >>>>>>>>>> Apple care plus.

    Sure its $16 a month, but if you break your phone, FOR ANY REASON, they replace for FREE
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    In the past I've had the Applecare+, but this year I'm thinking about going ahead and doing the carrier protection plan (in my case Verizon's). The carrier plans (usually Asurion) cover loss and theft as well, and I'll be on the "upgrade every 6 months" plan anyway.
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    I have never had a warranty on mine or my wife's phone. Since 2007 we have paid $400 for OOW replacements. I'm sticking to no coverage.
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    Aug 31, 2013
    They are.

    What about just getting a real good case?

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    Are you required to purchase the phone at BB to get the GeekSquad insurance? Or can you bring in a new phone and just add the protection plan?
  9. Joe1 macrumors newbie

    Sep 11, 2013
    I have done a good bit of research on this. The only problem with best buy is although they have better costs or possibly none with a replacement or damage repair they do not cover lost vs theft which the carrier does. Since im going to use next with ATT and get a new phone every year i will just stick with ATT insurance. Plus i don't want to have to pay full value if I loose my phone. Also with apple care you pay extra for two years of coverage but you will only need one since you turn the device in and get a new one year.
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    At first I was thinking that will AppleCare+ being raised to $79 an incident it was no longer worth it, but now that Apple upped the OOW price to $269, it kind of makes it worth it again (if you are clumsy). I purchased AppleCare+ with my iPhone 5 even though I am extremely careful with my phone just incase. Knowing how easily the lock button gets stuck on these phones really has be concerned for the future of the device, but I probably will opted out of AppleCare+ this time around if I get the 5S.. I just never used it. (Knowing my luck, 30 days after I purchase the 5S I will regret not getting AppleCare+!)
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    I keep my phones naked.
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    ***READ THIS***

    There is a lot of outdated and mis information going around. First off, I am a former employee of BBY (about 4 months ago) I still have a lot of contact with everyone at work in the mobile dept. things are changing.

    1. ALL GSP plans for phones are going to $9.99, including the iPhone. It use to be $15.
    2. GSP for phones WILL NOW HAVE A DEDUCTIBLE OF $150!!
    3. Applecare +'s deductible has risen from $50 to $79.

    Applecare is still the better deal because the device is replaced on the spot for a deductible of $79. With BBY GSP, the device is ordered from Apple and takes 3-5 business days and the deductible is $150. Again, please read this because GSP is not what it was even 2 months ago.

    ***READ THIS***

    It can be added within 30 days of purchase regardless of purchase location.


    No longer true. They now have a $150 deductible.

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