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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Ipadlover29, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Ipadlover29 macrumors 6502a

    May 28, 2011
    Last Friday I decided to call in and add AppleCare plus on the phone. The weather was pretty bad outside so I thought why not do it over the phone? The person I got seemed new. She took forever to add AppleCare to my iPad air 2. She never asked me to do the diagnostics or for proof of purchase. I didn't mind. She said it was active immediately. I waited a few hours then checked my serial number. Something didn't look right so I called AppleCare. The guy confirmed that the previous rep had added AppleCare to the wrong serial number. The difference was one letter an s instead an f. I was transferred to another department where the rep told me he would transfer coverage from serial number and it would take 24-48 hours. It's now been more than 48 hours and I'm really frustrated at this point. I don't mind that a mistake was made, these things do happen. It's the fact that I have to wait so long, nobody was really apologetic and lastly my iPad is without accidental coverage for all these days. Some thing that was suppose to be easier to do on the phone ended up making thing worse for me. I wish I just went to the store. I'm giving Apple another day before I contact my credit card company to refute the charge. This is just not fair to me. Apple is way too rich and they never seem to admit their mistakes. I've invested way too much in Apple products and services.
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    If Apple has corrected the numbers on their end your iPad should be covered regardless of how long it takes for the system to reflect the change. It appears, from what you've said, that Apple has admitted they made a mistake and are taking care of it.
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    If they haven't gotten back to you in 48 hours, and your iPad still shows no coverage, then I would call them back and ask what the holdup is.
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    I've been to my local Apple Store, I came there to add Applecare Plus for my Air 2. While the Apple employee was inputing iPad serial numbers, I watched out if he made any mistakes.

    You should have added AppleCare Plus an Apple Store instead of calling.

    Wait. How could you add Applecare Plus to you iPad via phone? As I know, we have to have iPad physically inspected by an Apple employee
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    I would give Apple a break as mistakes do happen.

    Just call them again to get it resolved.:rolleyes:
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    This may sound pedantic, but I always use phonetic spelling for letters in important number strings.

    There are several examples of it here...
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    May 28, 2011
    Just an update the AppleCare was finally added to the correct serial number. Apple did apologize after I gave very poor feedback on a survey they sent me. Lesson learned never add AppleCare on the phone! lol.
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    In Safari you do diags://your-support-number

    I added my iPhone and iPad via phone, and they used the same method for both (but they sms you the link for iPhone)
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    I always add my new devices myself to my Apple Support Profile.
    Then when I want to add AppleCare, the rep can see my serial number himself when he pulls up my Apple account -- no need to read any numbers because they're already in there.
  10. Ipadlover29, Jan 15, 2015
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    May 28, 2011
    Thanks for that tip. I just figured out how to mange my profile. All my devices were on there except my recent iPad.

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