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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by heyyitssusan, Jun 11, 2014.

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    I have a friend who purchased a phone in April. She bought AppleCare with it, and tried to get it serviced by Apple but she needed proof of purchase. (She's on vacation in another state, and paper work is at home), but she did remember changing her mind on the color of the phone she wanted last minute. The first one was scanned, but then later voided.

    Her carrier replaced it with the new IMEI and such, so she was wondering if there could be a possibility the AppleCare might been accidentally placed on the old phone? But it shouldn't matter cause the first phone she picked wasn't activated. AppleCare is only effective on activated phones, Is that correct?
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    AppleCare is tied to the phone serial number. If The phone was swapped out by the carrier and not Apple, there is a good chance that the AppleCare wasn't transferred to the replacement.
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    She can go the Apple store and ask them if they have it on file. They can check with her user name or credit card? I'm guessing. I know when I had my iPad serviced they had to locate the Apple Care agreement. I think they searched my Apple id and found it.

    Did she have the agreement emailed to her?
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    If that's true, apple must be able to do something for her right? She did purchase it and have the proof of purchase, even if it might not be for the right phone.

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