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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Marconis, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Jun 23, 2006
    Hi guys, (just a brief back story) on Tuesday my 13.3" Mid-2009 MBP began to lose keyboard functionality out of the blue. To try and correct it, I rebooted my computer and it failed to get passed the spinning gear. I was able to access the login-screen upon safe booting, but my PW would not enter correctly, presumably because of the messed up keyboard. I brought it to Apple at 5th Ave. and the guy looked at it and still could not boot it after trying external HD among other things. When I bought this computer in August 2009, I purchased the $249 AppleCare, so the guy said it would be free to fix at the service center UNLESS they find liquid damage. As far as I am aware, liquid has never come near my keyboard or anything; after sending my Mac out, I began browsing the forums with my laptop's symptoms, and a lot of people with these symptoms (keyboard going first, then no boot) seems to be linked to liquid damage. I then discovered that a handful of people get phone calls stating that there is liquid damage to their MB (without them ever even knowing it was liquid damaged), and their AppleCare is then voided.

    On my repair status, it says "Repair Completed" and it is awaiting return to the store. Does this mean I have not been charged anything? I get extremely paranoid in situations like this, as I have two roommates and I am afraid one of them spilled something on it and isn't telling me, because my Mac was working just fine before I had left for the day. I just don't want to go to pick up my Mac and see that I have been smacked with a $1000 repair fee. Thanks, guys, sorry to seem like a nut!!
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    If you didn't give your credit card information, they can't charge you. They're not going to repair your Mac at your cost without telling you first and getting your authorization for the charges, or giving you the opportunity to refuse the service, if you don't want to pay for the repair.
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    I figured that, just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the reassurance. I'm amazed out how quickly they sent out and repaired my Mac, let's hope it's working like new!

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