AppleCare Rocks


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Feb 17, 2006
Keele, United Kingdom
Last Saturday, me 3rd MagSafe broke for my MacBook. Very annoying. I emailed explaining that it was my 3rd connector, etc, etc. The next day I went to the Apple Store Meadowhall to get a replacement, and just as luck happened there was another guy with the exact same problem at the exact same time as I was at the Genius Bar!

Anyway so on Wednesday I get a call from an Apple exec called Rachel who basically said they wanted to take a look at my MacBook so they would send me out a brand-new 2.16GHz C2D one (remember the original one was only 1.83GHz CD) in exchange for me sending my old on in!

Monday arrives and the new MacBook arrives with a Leopard drop in CD. Excellent I thought, I won't have to buy it now. On Wednesday afternoon, yet another TNT van arrives at my house and gives me another free copy of Leopard - the retail version!

So in total Apple have sent me a new MacBook, iLife 08 (included with the MB) and 2 copies of Leopard. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic! I know there are SR MacBooks now, but still a very worthy upgrade :D


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Nov 24, 2006
Nottingham, UK
AppleCare does indeed rock.

In August an Apple Authorised Service Provider fitted 3 LCD screens to my MBP and each of them had a different fault. The AASP decided to escalate this to Apple who exchange my 2.33 MBP for a new 2.4 MBP.

Excellent customer service by both the AASP and Apple.
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