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    Nov 21, 2010
    Hi, I've been searching but unable to find anything at all. (Quite surprised) Maybe I didn't look for the right thing. I was hoping people could post their applecare success stories, free upgrades after their mac dieing etc. I was hoping to find a database of these stories but with no success maybe this could start off as one, if there is a database out there however feel free to redirect me :p

    NB - This isn't for me personally, I have a brand new mbp, my first mac, I just actually enjoy hearing these kind of stories, it's actually what first interested me in macs, the amazing customer service. As a customer, that's all I want, but nowadays it's a real rarity to find a customer service as good as apples, perhaps even non-existent.

    Go ahead and post those success stories! :D
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    John Doe 57

    Jan 26, 2008
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    During summer of 2009, my 3 year old iMac suffered a broken Logic Board. I brought it to the shop and received free repairs. The only money I spent was for gas to get to the shop. The repair would have costed somewhere around $350.

    Not 2 months later, my 1.5 year old MacBook Pro suffered the same problem. Once again, free repairs for something that would have costed about $350. All in all, $700 worth of free repairs.

    So in the end, its a great idea to get AppleCare.
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    Jan 26, 2008
    Isla Nublar
    First instance:

    I ordered a laptop and 2 months later I ordered a 24 inch Apple Cinema Display. I called and asked about putting Apple Care on my monitor and the lady said if I wished she would put it under the laptops Apple care and just change the purchase date two two months prior and both would be covered without me paying a dime. I instantly took this offer and was impressed at her helpfulness. The whole process literally look about 4 minutes.

    Second instance:

    I ordered another ACD and it was defective (it was a refurb too, this is important). No biggie, this stuff happens. I work in IT so I'm used to seeing electronics go bad. Anyway I called Apple, the monitor was out of its 30 day return window but they returned it anyway instead of making me send it in for repair. I asked if I could buy a new one instead and they let me and have me $180 discount on a new one for my inconvenience, sent me a pre-paid shipping label to send the old one back and rush shipped my new one the same day! Talk about amazing customer service! (They took my credit card number so incase I didn't return the other one I'd be charged but thats to be expected).

    Third instance:

    I bought an iPod for a friend (she paid me back) and she wanted the words "Go Pens!" engraved on it for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Well, me not being in any way interested in sports spelled "Go Penns!". A Bosnian guy I worked with even knew it should have been "Go Pens!" and pointed out my error so I called Apple but it was too late. The rep said he felt really bad that there was nothing he could do and offered me a free case and free expedited shipping. I politely declined because I don't believe in having others pay for my mistakes but it was still a very nice gesture.

    So there it is. Niceness goes a LONG way and Apple is one of the best companies to deal with.
  4. Morod macrumors 68000


    Jan 1, 2008
    On The Nickel, over there....
    I purchased AppleCare when I bought my mew iMac in January 2008. In December 2010 (35 months later) I was having some problems with the iMac. Tech Tool said the Video RAM was failing. I took the iMac to an Apple Store. They said the video RAM was fine but that the hard drive was failing. They installed a new one, with an upgrade from a Hitachi 360GB to an Intel 500GB, for free. They also upgraded my iLife 08 to iLife 09 for free. ($300 without AppleCare).
    I took it back home and a week later had a kernel panic (my first) along with the iMac sending out a Morse code SOS via the speakers. I took it back to the Apple Store. The logic board had failed. They installed a new one for free. ($435 without AppleCare).
    So, thanks Apple, for great customer service on an iMac with one month of AppleCare remaining.
  5. French macrumors regular

    Jan 13, 2011
    I know someone who did not purchase Applecare, but had just purchased a macbook. Within days of the purchase she managed to burn a hole in the case that houses the screen with a candle (I don't entirely understand myself so don't ask). It was still functional but she took it to the apple store and they actually replaced it for her free of charge. It was a $750 repair.
  6. vanzskater272, Aug 6, 2011
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    vanzskater272 macrumors regular

    Aug 10, 2006
    Pretty old thread but I just had an amazing experience with the customer service at apple.

    I have a 15.4" MBP 2.2ghz from 2007, I had bought it off ebay with the knowledge that the videocard was not working properly and that there were some small dents on the casing.

    It worked with the screwy video card for about 6 months until the videocard finally failed completly. So I chalked it up to a loss and put it in storage. I came across this article about 5 days ago which stated

    "If the NVIDIA graphics processor in your MacBook Pro has failed, or fails within four years of the original date of purchase, a repair will be done free of charge, even if your MacBook Pro is out of warranty

    Even though my macbook pro was bought off ebay and apparently a 2007 model, which would make it over six years old (2 years over the date for free repair) I still called apple.

    Once I got transfered to a person and explained the situation, linked him to the article, and waited while he consulted with his superior. He was very polite and the wait times were short.
    He said that if the video card was the issue they would fix it free of charge. and didnt even mention that it was purchased 6 years ago and not 4. He said a box would be sent and I should know within a few days what the problem was.

    The next afternoon when I woke up the box was all ready there, VIA fedex priority overnight or something. I put the macbook pro in the pre paid box and dropped it off at the fedex office.

    The next day My mom got a call from apple saying they repaired the video card but that the screen was also defective and a third party screen. It would be a 975.00 dollar repair and they dont do partial repairs so my video card wouldnt be fixed either. My mom said that she was really nice and said that they would repair it free of charge and have it to me within 1-3 days!

    So now im getting my 6 year old 15.4 inch macbook pro back with a new videocard and screen!. I cant wait to stop using this unibody 13.3, that MBP was my baby. lol
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    Feb 16, 2011
    My iPad 1 had terrible wifi signal. Always dropping connections or not connecting at all. Walked into apple. It worked fine there. But the genius guy believed me anyway and exchanged it without any major questions."

    And I just recently bought an iphone4 after my 3G died. It was a refurb from ATT, $199 for 32gb. I usually keep my tech until it dies as I'm not willing to jump on the bandwagon just cuz a new iPhone is out. This refurb came with AppleCare on it until 2013. Well into my second year of the contract with ATT. So I guess it was a good purchase. Upon calling apple to question this, if I had to Purchase another AppleCare under my name, the attendant simple asked "why would you want to do that?" so he moved the AppleCare under my name and into my apple account.

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