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    Feb 3, 2013
    Hello folks!

    I signed up in this forum because I have a BIG issue to be dealt with, and I hope that someone here can inform me about my rights as a customer and the obligations of Apple to take care of this issue.

    First things first; this all happened in Austria, Vienna:

    We've bought the new iPhone 5 at a t-Mobile store here in Vienna along with a third party insurance for almost everything (e.g. broken glass, water damage, etc.). As soon as we've set up the phone we've noticed that the home button isn't functioning how it should so we decided to call AppleCare to take care of the matter immediately, opposing t-Mobile who would only pack it up and send it to Apple which would leave us waiting for the phone for about 2-3 weeks.
    So I paid around 30€ for Apple to send us a refurbished iPhone and exchange it for the new one practically. I was informed that until my initial iPhone was sent back a certain amount of money would be held back on my credit card and would be released upon arrival.

    OK, TNT employee brought the new iPhone, I set up the new one, put the old one back in the box and the box in the bag - and DIDN'T seal it - as instructed by the Apple form. Instantly called TNT that the package was ready, guy came back an hour later, furious to why I didn't give him the phone right away, snatched the bag out of my hand, told me to sign and ran off. :mad:

    I didn't question anything that day, but I come to regret it now.

    Three days later a mail from Apple arrives, saying that the phone didn't arrive and that the money would still be held back until it does.

    Couple of days later I get a mail that the iPhone arrived, that the damage stated does not match the actual damage and that this case is out of customer warranty and that my credit card would be charged with the amount needed for the repair.

    I was sent a picture of the phone which indicates a total broken display...
    I'm being accused of sending it in such a damaged condition.

    I've never authorized Apple of charging me with around 250€ and I think it's only obvious that if I would have broken the phone I would redeem my already purchased insurance back at the provider instead of sending it to Apple, claiming that the home button is defunct when in reality the phone is totally demolished.

    After several emails with Apple Support they told me I had to claim my refund with TNT, because Apple itself got the phone in a sealed package so they have to believe I'm the one who did the damage.

    TNT on the other hand say that Apple are the only ones who are able to claim the insurance with TNT in the Netherlands...

    The story is coming to and end, I'm running in circles and losing my nerve here... any thoughts? :(

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    Jul 10, 2009
    1. Call your credit card company, dispute the charge.
    2. Call the shipping carrier, and demand that they settle/pay for it with Apple. Since the box is prepaid by Apple, presumably, they have some kind of shipping insurance or deal with it. Either way, the onus is on them.
    3. Email Tim Cook and other Apple execs directly calmly describing your problem. A high level CS rep will respond and take care of you.
    4. Learn a lesson from all of this -- take photos of everything you ship from now on if it's valuable. I always do for things that I insure (ie computers, cameras, expensive software, etc), that way the carrier can never say I screwed up. In fact, I take a video of the item in question and of me sealing the box with the label.

    I had a MacBook Pro a few years back get damaged in the box, and they replaced it without a single issue after I emailed Similarly, when my Air had to have its logic board replaced, and sort of went MIA for a few days, I emailed Tim Cook's exec address and a rep got back to me and ensured my computer was fixed and returned next day.
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    Feb 3, 2013
    Thanks for the response.
    Do you really think that a high CS rep will take care of me like you described? I mean, do I have to get a grip on someone in Germany or is it all the same where the guy is situated?
    And yeah, my lesson is well learned, I just didn't expect this kind of thing to happen, after all they say that the phone is pretty well locked inside this box... and that the box arrived without any signs of exterior damage! But I guess anything can happen
  4. Loop.L thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 3, 2013
    Apple called me from Germany and took care of the matter. They are refunding the money as we speak. Seems writing a mail directly to Tim Cook has a more positive outcome than just calling Apple. If a superior comes to you with a matter at hand it's a totally different story.
    Thanks for your help, you can close this thread!

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