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    Jul 3, 2013
    About to jump ship to Mac for the first time. Having been very pleased with four years of using an iPhone and years of iPad I decided after being sorely let down by Microsoft and Windows 8 to just see what Apple had on offer.

    With the current Retina MBP and upcomming Haswell refresh I decided now is the time. I'm an EEE student in Edinburgh - UK, so I'll be able to get my 15% a rMBP whenever Apple updates them. I have a gaming rig built for serious gaming and will use this mainly for uni work and light gaming - bootcamp.

    My question (the first of many) is how much does Applecare cost for students? As on their website it says around £200 with the education discount, but I have friends who have told me it's only £50 for students. Could someone clarify this for me?
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    Jun 23, 2013
    Hey, I had a similar question not too long ago and I think I've got it sussed now. I'll give you a brief explanation of how it works, but there are more details here:

    If you're a university student, you can get AppleCare for ~£50, but to get it for this price you have to either purchase it online from your uni campus, or in a retail store with proof of you being a university student.

    You can get a similar warranty for free, however, if you make your purchase online or over the phone and you're a university student (NOT IN-STORE - THE OFFER DOESN'T APPLY THERE). It's called the HE Contract and it entitles you to 3 years parts & services, and one year phone support (the Applecare warranty is 3 years parts & services and THREE years phone support). If you're purchasing online, then you need to be connected to your university campus server with your education email address, or you can just do the order over the phone and they'll use your email address to clarify you're a student. So unless you need an extra two years of phone support, you may as well just take the free warranty and not bother upgrading to Applecare! :)

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