Applecare .. why isn't it available in the app store?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by itsjustmeee, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. itsjustmeee macrumors 6502a

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    I was about to get applecare for my mid '12 macbook air and I was thinking why apple just doesn't just have it available for purchase in the app store? It doesn't seem to make sense to have to go buy a box with a number, put the number in online and then throw it away when the process can be done much easier by just buying the protection online.
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    May 16, 2008
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    Try to image how many people could just hop on the App Store to get coverage for their jacked up computer that was broken prior to Apple Care just to try to have it fixed for free.

    It is easier to hide behind the internet to get coverage on a broke product than to go and lie to another persons face to get coverage.

    Yes this is about the scumbags trying to get something for free but those people make some things that could be simple, harder for the more honest folk.

    It also could be asked, why didn't one get coverage when the product was purchased? You can usually get a discounted price on same day.
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    AppleCare doesn't cover damage due to accidents. The reason it's not available in the App Store is that it's not an app. It's an extension to the Mac warranty.
    No, it's not. AppleCare is available for any Mac that is still covered by the original 1 year warranty, regardless of its condition. AppleCare won't cover damage, but will cover any manufacturing defects. Since you have to pay for AppleCare, no one is getting anything for free.
    You have up to 1 year to buy AppleCare coverage. There is no need to buy it at the time you buy your Mac. If you qualify for a discount when you buy your Mac, such as an education discount, you can buy AppleCare later and still receive the discount, as long as you still qualify.

    AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac or Apple Display

    • You can buy AppleCare any time during the first year warranty period, so you don't have to buy it at time of purchase.
    • You can check your remaining warranty and/or AppleCare coverage here
    • AppleCare will extend the 1 year warranty for an additional 2 years, for a total of 3 years coverage from the date of your Mac purchase.
      It also extends telephone support from 90 days, which is included with your original warranty, to a total of 3 years.
    • You cannot buy AppleCare again or renew it once it expires.
    • Neither the Apple Warranty nor AppleCare will cover damage from accidents, spills, etc. They only cover manufacturing defects.
    • AppleCare+ provides some coverage for accidental damage, but is only available for the iPad and iPhone, not for Apple computers.
    • Neither the Apple Warranty nor AppleCare will cover batteries that have worn out. They only cover defective batteries.
    • For more detailed questions, read the AppleCare Protection Plan (pdf) agreement.
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    Dec 28, 2008
    I'm aware that it's not an "app" but it still seems like an easier and valid way to purchase it. I'm actually just a bit surprised that you can't register for applecare for any product with an online purchase and not having to have an actual box with a number either mailed to you or have to go to the apple store to pick it up. That's really my point here.
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    If you buy AppleCare at the same time you buy a Mac, it is automatically registered, without you having to receive a box or number. They do ship it to you anyway, but there's nothing you need to do with it. Some people may want to buy AppleCare as a gift for others, so having a box with the number can be useful.
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    ok, i see what you mean but the app store is only for software content distribution. I don't know why they can't just email you the details though.
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    Jan 5, 2011
    I agree it would seem like something you should be able to just transact online - this whole shipping of empty boxes seems silly to me.
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    You can do everything online.

    And if you go to the "Service" tab in the System Information app it will give you a direct link to buy Applecare for your specific Mac.

    Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 1.18.14 PM.png

    The only item I ever get in the mail from Apple is an extra copy of my receipt.
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    Jul 16, 2012
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    I always like to remind people when purchasing AppleCare that it does not cover accidental damage like drops and spills.

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