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    May 15, 2007
    Recently, really starting to take issue with my iPad 2 when I activated and started using it with AT&T's 3G service and using it outside and around the house more. I've had it since late May. The screen isn't very bright and doesn't auto-adjust well in outdoor light, even in the shade. I set up self-service on Apple's website, twice and they sent it back, no matter how much I detailed the product.

    I called AppleCare Support (and they did nothing but hound me about buying AppleCare's extended service) until they finally said they'd send me a box and ship me out a new one. The Apple Advisory didn't really want to help me or feel he should honor the one year warranty without purchasing extending coverage. I know about the incident support payments. My original problem happened within the 90 telephone support period and I honestly did the automated option so I didn't have to speak to anyone.

    I used the "Call Me Back" option on Apple's website when setting up the call because I specifically wanted to record the conversation in the event I'd get screwed (Thank you, Google Voice)

    They sent me back the original.

    I finally drove about two hours this past Sunday to go to a Genius Bar. After waiting for about an hour to get service (apparently Justin Beiber shops at this particular store on this particular day; it was way, way too crowded for a late Sunday afternoon or I just don't do mall shopping that much.

    The Genius looked at my iPad and said he'd replace it. I'd looked at all the other display models while I was waiting and the Genius even compared it to two display models, including my replacement, and there was a big difference. I took the replacement.

    I got home. Inspected it. This new one has issues with displaying dark colors. This isn't something that's really easy to check at the store with the billion lights they have in their displaying everything. Even the Geniuses go back into a different room to see display issues.

    Now, there's a strange checker pattern and a curtain yellow/gold around the corners. I can press down on it and it either goes away when I do or gets bigger. Doesn't seem like the glass is glued on right.

    I setup another online repair. The whole Genius Bar trip is literally two hours in the car and an hour waiting, so I'm not doing that agian.

    I sent this one into Apple and they just plain sent it back. The warranty on my refurbished replacement comes up expired on Apple's website, even after having it since Sunday.

    No idea why they're being particularly hard about this or why I'm getting the run around. Usually they're pretty liberal with me about replacements and repairs.

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    Jul 20, 2011
    If your warranty was near to expiring on the previous unit, and it happened to expire after you sent it in, then this is the reason why your repair was denied.

    Even though you got a new device, the warranty still carries over.
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    May 15, 2007
    The warranty never expired. I'm only about 4 months into owning the original device. I'm wondering why the replacement was registered but expired.
  4. DeaconGTG macrumors member

    Sep 21, 2011
    I would call and talk to someone, or make the trek back to the store. Seeing that the iPad 2 hasn't been out for a year there's no way any warranty would have expired by this point. Probably by just doing the online repair system and avoiding speaking to people you are dealing with an error in the database and people low on the totem pole who are just blindly following that error.
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    May 15, 2007
    It's ~100 mile round trip to the closest store and the one person I talked to spent 20 minutes trying to pitch me extended AppleCare coverage on a 4 month old product.
  6. DeaconGTG macrumors member

    Sep 21, 2011
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I'm reading your story correctly, your second ipad was returned because the warranty was incorrectly marked as "expired" correct?

    That's what you need to talk to a human being about. I understand the annoyance with people hawking AppleCare on you (I once had it happen on a 1-day old MBP). But clearly somewhere along the line your refurbished replacement didn't get taken off some list and therefore Apple won't service it. Only talking to someone with the power to correct that decision or override it is going to get you anywhere.

    Even if I'm reading your story incorrectly, if you feel that you're getting the run-around, you need to speak to a human-being about it. If the first person you talk to tries to sell you on AppleCare, ask to talk to someone higher up. But when you set up an online repair and send it in, you're likely dealing with someone who has no authority to deviate from whatever guidelines he or she was provided with.
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    May 15, 2007
    The second iPad was sent back to them because it had issues backlight and build issues. A corner of it wasn't glued on properly. It's not something I noticed until I got home and really hard to see in the store because even the Apple employees need to take it into a dark room to examine a lot of screen issues.

    When I got home to check the warranty on it, didn't show up in their system. I sent paperwork the other day to verify that it had AppleCare on it but haven't received any verification. I thought it was strange that the device was registered and that the warranty was expired on it when I got home to check this second device I got.

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