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Mar 5, 2007
i got a MBP in i have a little while to decide....but i have two questions. i dont ever really take my MBP out of the house....its really a desktop replacement, is applecare still as needed? 2nd, if that answer is a yes, has anyone purchased applecare off of ebay? i have seen it there for considerably less then retail and cant understand why....i mean it doesnt seem like there is any profit in it for the sellers there, are these legit?



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Jul 10, 2006
I am a big fan of AppleCare and it has saved me a few times. I have it on all my three machines. So I would say yes. Better to have it and not need it then to not have it and need it. As far as Ebay. Whether the person obtained it legally or not is always a question. SOme of the ones that are really cheap I question alot. The big thing to worry about is there can be a time when Apple will ask you for a receipt for your AppleCare and machine. Ebay does not count as a receipt. Its not to often that they ask for the receipt but it does happen.



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Jun 27, 2007
For laptops, getting extended warranty is the only way to go. Get AppleCare - it is worth it - trust me.

AS for where to purchase from, I would avoid EBay. just don't trust non-retail sellers. If that box is opened and serial number inside is used already - you just bought an expensive cardboard box with some papers in it. Tech Tool can be had elsewhere. I would buy retail.

LAComputer Company is where I purchased AppleCare for my wife's Macbook. And I purchased AppleCare for my Macbook Pro from my local university computer store - they were having a fire sale on Macbook Pro AppleCare - $119+tax :D


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Jun 9, 2007
I'd recommend AppleCare nonetheless.

Not sure about ebay though ...I'm leery of anything from ebay.
I agree. On the average laptops tend to break or fail easier/sooner/more often than desktops even if it is just sitting on a desk. I don't really take my laptop anywhere, but i've had to have it repaired twice.

The ebay thing makes me nervous. I'd steer clear...


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Apr 18, 2003
I had purchased AppleCare for my Powerbook in 2005 and last year it developed a problem with the LCD screen. I sent the Powerbook into Apple and they replaced the screen. AppleCare can more than pay for itself should something go wrong it your laptop, providing it's not accidental. The components in notebooks are shrunken versions of their desktop counterparts and they're crammed into confined spaces; it's only natural that some may fail. If they do fail, it's better to have AppleCare cover the repair/replacement.


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Jun 28, 2007
I think you should get applecare as well. As for Ebay, I bought mine there, and there were no problems. Received my applecare certificate in mail less than a week after activation. I save $100. Just check the seller's feedback, and remember Ebay's pretty good at protecting you in case the applecare doesn't work or has already been activated. Remember to ask the seller if the item has been activated.


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Oct 18, 2006
Chesapeake, VA
Apple customer support was fantastic!

I just called to edit my shipping options for my MBP to 2 day shipping. It took the girl 5 or so minutes to figure it out because it wouldn't change for her the first time. So, after being on hold for a little bit, she came back and said that she fixed it and they were waving my charge for the 2day shipping. She was very nice about it. Also, she said that it is shipping from an overseas location, most likely China i guess.

Props to Apple!


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Jul 15, 2007
Applecare saved me over $1000 on my PowerBook G4. I never took it out of the house, in fact I barely moved it from my computer desk but nonetheless, the harddrive and the screen had to be completely replaced.


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Jun 20, 2007
Beautiful British Columbia
After lots of research I bought Applecare off eBay and had no problems. It took the full 15 business days to come through but is authentic.

Apple Store (Canada) $399 @ 13% tax (B.C.) Total : $450.87

eBay Canada $212.50 no tax or shipping

Received Applecare CD and confirmation letter in mail. No brainer on those savings. Just check seller reputation carefully. Good luck, I think its a must for a laptop.



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Dec 28, 2001
Clovis, NM
I'm not sure on buying an AppleCare protection plan off of eBay, but I also STRONGLY AGREE that it is a must to have. I bought a 2.16ghz MBP CoreDuo when they were first released last year. Mine has been sent in five times (2 displays, hard drive, cables, keyboard) :mad: and I've had five batteries replaced. Yesterday I had to call them up because I had just gotten it back from getting the keyboard fixed and my Superdrive came back not working. So, after an hour and a half on the phone I'm getting a new 2.4ghz MBP C2D :D after the Apple tech looked through all the problems I've had with it since I bought it, and going through checks on the machine over the phone. Again, I strongly suggest purchasing one somewhere, because you just never know what might happen. Also, my remaining 2 years of coverage will get transferred to my new machine when it arrives.


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Nov 30, 2004
I'll add to the yes vote for applecare. I've had three £500+ repairs on my G4 PB. Personally, I'd have a look online at the more legit software sellers. It won't be as cheap as ebay but what price peace of mind?

Mr. B

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Dec 25, 2005
I actually think for older machines applecare isnt' as necessary, but nowadays as computer parts become smaller and more fragile things seem to end up breaking alot more.

Apple care isn't cheap, but it saves you some major pain down the road...