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    Aug 4, 2010
    considering purchasing a HomePod in the near future. My wife will not be able to justify the price increase over our echo dot until I get it here, fingers crossed that I survive.. but have a question..

    My wife and I share an Apple ID from way back and have not set up family sharing. If we purchase a HomePod will it know which phone number and iMessage account to connect to? I plan to use my wife’s until it possibly supports multiple users since she is home more than I am.
  2. cynics macrumors G4

    Jan 8, 2012
    Yes its tied to your/her AppleID and it will likely end up being a headache. Not a good foot to start off a purchase she may not like.

    If you want to sell her on the HomePod find her favorite current song and listen too it on the Dot once a day when she is around. Then do the same thing with the HomePod. The sound quality between the Dot and HomePod is like airline supplied headphones and being at a live concert. Although as a personal assistant Alexa is pretty good and if she is used to it Siri will feel like a downgrade. If you guys don't listen to a lot of music return it now....or put it in your last will and testament for me....

    I would recommend setting up an AppleID for yourself. You may not realize it (or dont have many apple products) but you forgo a lot of useful features and benefits with separate AppleID's. Voice data for example is based on an single user AppleID account. When the HP starts leveraging this data its going to get really weird for an account with multiple distinct voices. If nothing else consider security, to avoid insulting your wife imagine if you did something stupid and exposed your AND her data online? Its akin to sharing a SS# (US) except you can lock your credit fairly easily whereas you'll never be able to remember anything your AppleID and devices have access too.

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