AppleID issues


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Nov 20, 2003

Since updating to Catalina, on both my 2018 iMac and 2019 MacBook Pro, I am getting persistent alerts from the settings app telling me certain services with iCloud will not function unless I sign in. First of all, I am signed it. But, I follow its prompts to first type in my AppleID password, then it prompts me for the password for my computer, and then it appears everything is fine for a few seconds, then the alert comes back. I added a screen shot so you can see where "Media and Purchases" is grayed-out and it says that I'm not signed in.

I also just tried updating apps from the App Store on my iMac, and it prompts me for my AppleID password, then tries to start downloading the updates, then the box slides down from the top of the window asking for my AppleID password again, and this loop never ends.

Has anyone else been having this problem?



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Sep 20, 2015
I’ve had the same when logged out and back in from iCloud. Note that it’s not Catalina related: I’m still running Mojave on my Macs.