AppleInsider: More SDK Hints at Widgets, URL, and Dictionary features

Discussion in 'iPad' started by G4R2, Feb 18, 2010.

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    For those who are interested, Appleinsider is reporting that the iPad SDK contains some additional hints of future widget, URL, and dictionary features on the iPad:


    "Evidence for potential widgets

    One example is the iPhone's Contact app, which is internally called MobileAddressBook. In the new iPad SDK, it has morphed into an app referred to a LittleBrownBook. SpringBoard, which is the internal name of the app that runs the Home screen icons, uses the app tag "stand-alone-contacts" for this new app.

    This suggests that there will also be a non-standalone version of Contacts, or in other words a desk accessory style widget to present contact information outside of the standalone Contacts app. Mac OS X similarly provides a contact browser that can be used in other apps in addition to the stand alone Address Book app.

    Enabling a way for apps to draw upon mini-apps while continuing to run would be one way for the company to skirt around the existing restrictions of the iPhone OS security model, which do not support multiple third party apps to be launched at once. How exactly this will be implemented still remains to be seen, but it does appear similar to the classic Mac OS' use of desk accessories to get around its initial limitation of only running one main application at once. "
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    Dictionary for iBooks

    I really, really hope the iPad will have a system wide dictionary. English is my second language. I use the dictionary panel in OS X all the time.

    The combination of iBooks and dictionary would be a killer combo for a huge percentage of users.

    I keep my fingers crossed.


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