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    Sep 23, 2014
    Just saw the price deal for 2015 MacBook Pro 8gb/256gb for $1,349 at B&H. This morning I clicked on the deal and saw the same pricing at B&H website. When I tried to check out, price went up to $1,417. What's going on? I called but B&H denies having this deal at all. Not happy with either of them. Any better place to look for a deal?
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    Nov 3, 2011
    It 1349 for me
  3. whodatrr, Nov 9, 2015
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    here's an open box for $1,233...

    I always buy open-box Macs, because I like having money.

    You can also buy directly from Apple, here....

    A few refurb models to choose from, including ones with 16GB RAM. But you'll have to pay Sales Tax, with Apple. Buying a refurb from Apple is just like a new system, except sometimes they ship without the packaging. i5/8/256 is $1,269 plus tax, from Apple.
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    So...weird. I checked from my iMac and I saw the $1417 price. I just checked from my work PC (on the same network) and it was $1349. Huh.
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    Morris Hersko

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    The $1,349 promotional price is still active, but you must go through the special AppleInsider link to get the discount. If you use any other link the price will show up as $1,417, which is the normal cost. Clearing your cache and/or cookies before clicking the link may help the price stay where it should and not jump back up during checkout.

    If you still have problems accessing the promo, please email me at morrish[at] and I’ll make sure you get the $1,349 price.

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