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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by jdaniel, Jan 16, 2015.

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    hi guys
    since applepay is only available in the US, do we have to set the country to US to see the section in settings, because currently when I click + in passbook nothing happens and I do not see an option to add cards nor do I see a passbook/apple pay section in settings.

    I am not in the US but I have US bank accounts I would like to add to apple pay (for when I do go) pls help !
  2. wolfaaron macrumors regular

    Jul 31, 2012
    Your country needs to have a bank compatible with Apple Pay or you need to have a US bank account compatible with Apple Pay. As far as I'm aware, Apple isn't officially partners with any banks outside of the U.S., but they will later in the year.

    I know that Europe and Canada has a lot of NFC systems, even more so than the U.S., but as long as the banks and Apple arent officially partners and they implement Apple pay, you can't register to Apple pay just yet.

    I live in the US and my local bank account is not compatible because they are not Apple Pay partners. However, my bank account from Wells Fargo (a huge bank) is compatible with Appld pay because they are partners.

    Edit; I forgot that you said that you had a US bank account. Yes you can add it if that bank is partnered with Apple Pay. But ask your bank if there are any fees if you purchase things outside of the US. I know that most banks charge transaction fees if used outside of the US.

    tl;dr: you have to wait for Apple pay to be supported with your bank and apple pay to add them to their system.
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    Yes, the "Region" setting needs to be set to US for Apple Pay to show up. I don't know whether you can switch it back to Canada after adding your US accounts (I don't have a US account to test with).

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