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Apr 12, 2001

TBWA\MAL, Apple's longtime advertising agency partner, has made two major leadership changes, reports Adweek.

Geoff Edwards and Chuck Monn are both now creative directors at MAL's LA headquarters, working under chief creative officer Brent Anderson.


Edwards is going to be overseeing ad creation for Apple's services, such as Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple Pay, while Monn will work on iPhone-related content. In a statement, Edwards, who is new to TBWA, called Apple the "best brand in the world."
"When you get a call from Brent Anderson to work on the best brand in the world, in the house that Lee Clow and Steve Jobs built, the decision is easy."
Edwards previously worked at R/GA on advertisements for companies like Nike, Disney, and Pepsi, while Monn has spent the past 20 years at TBWA working on campaigns promoting Mac, iPhone, and iPad, including the recent "Behind the Mac" series.

Article Link: Apple's Ad Agency TBWA\MAL Appoints New Leaders for Apple Services and iPhone
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