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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's entry-level AirPods 2 have hit $89.00 today on Amazon, down from $129.00. This is one of the few times in 2024 the AirPods 2 have dropped below their typical $99.00 deal price, so if you've been waiting to purchase now is a good time.

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The AirPods 2 feature Apple's H1 chip, providing seamless setup for iPhone and other Apple devices. They lack some of the more advanced features of the newer AirPods 3 and updated AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C, but for anyone who just needs a reliable pair of wireless earbuds, they're perfect at this low price.

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Article Link: Apple's AirPods 2 Drop to Low Price of $89 on Amazon


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Dec 4, 2021
Meanwhile on Amazon Germany: 119€ 😭 That's only 128$ after conversion, only 43% more. A steal! 👻


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Feb 5, 2011
The 831
Ideally, this is what they should be priced at and there wouldn’t be a need for a new “low cost” alternative. Wired buds should be that low cost alternative for headphones.


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Dec 31, 2007
Milwaukee Area
They still have non-replaceable batteries though right, that make them hundred dollar disposable headphones?
Sooo environmentally friendly
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