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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by puckhead193, Jan 20, 2017.

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    What is apple's ASD EFI test? From what I gather its a more lengthy stress test of the hardware comparing the simple test apple does while at the Genius Bar. What is it checking? I dropped my Mac Pro off for service today and they advise doing this test and they reinstalled OS X. I dropped off the computer around 11:30. They called me at 3PM to tell me it was ready... How can this be? I was quoted for having it take 1-3 days. How long does it take to run the diagnostic and install OS X? It seem to quick of a turn around.

    When they ran the quick hardware test, it came up that my graphics card failed. (it doesn't say which one) but that something failed. Because they never see a Mac Pro when he went in the back to check on parts etc. he was told that on the 2013 Mac Pros it always fails. I thought Apple designed and coded this test knowing the Mac Pro would always fail...

    I'm concerned because my apple care expires in the end of February and I don't want it crap out on me in March.
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    Its not a stress test, but rather a comprehensive diagnostic tool

    The hardware components of the computer.

    That's just an estimate and they try to include how much work the techs have, i.e., are they very busy, if so then you have to wait longer

    A couple of hours for both. A stress test will generally run for a period of time, such as 24 hours to stress the components to see if they fail, diagnostics test each component to see if its working as it should. Re-installing OS X only takes about an hour or even less.

    Apple has a horrendous track record when it comes to GPUs, the 2011 MBP is a shining example of that, so I'm not surprised that other models have had issues with GPUs
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    ASD EFI is the test to check if the system is booting. If the system is not booting there is no way to check and test.
    ASD check the sensors if they are within the high/low limit
    ASD check the bottom and CPU function and hardware but it has error. If you run the ASD on the GPU failing device, it will still show as passed.
    ASD may report the hardware failed but it really don't.
    ASD is useful to check the system if you know about circuits and find out what power rail is having issue. ASD EFI is a quick diagnose tool and ASD OS take hours to run (waste of time).
    It is useful and useless at the same time. From 2015 onwards Apple do not use the DMG files for the service providers and they only let the repair enters to use the GSX account to diagnose through their server. No other way to get it and use it.

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