Apple's Black Friday Event Begins in Australia: Up to $320 Apple Store Gift Card With Select Products


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Nov 4, 2013
What do you mean by the screen lottery?
Retina displays are often plagued with uneven color uniformity, backlight bleed, and dead pixels. Many members go through multiple returns to find their Goldilocks screen.That process is known as Screen Lottery.
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🚫 💳 4MY🎧 AirPods Pro Purchase=o_O👨‍💻.
My mom sends all her text messages just like this. Lol!


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Oct 21, 2014
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Surely the Mini must get discounted, can anyone confirm if its getting the £100 / $100. When even an Apple TV is getting a voucher it seems rather odd.


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Aug 12, 2008
Why not? Why would you buy it from a washing machine dealership if you could get it directly from Apple for the same price. Even if their shop was around the corner and Apple wasn't, at the same price I'd still go mail order direct from Apple.

The only thing that they can alter about the product - to improve sales - is the price and that's what they've done. And their own evaluation is that it's worth almost 400 dollars to wrest a sale away from Apple.

(Plus they only sell the "base" models.)
The only advantage you get from getting it from Apple is that you can take it back within 14 days. I'm pretty confused about your comment about 'alter the product'. Sure, they can discount. That differentiates them. So why is it again that Apple can't?

First, my argument is logical, and you are rude implying another user is not using logic.

Second, you don't know if those products are supply constrained or not (we know at least Airpods Pro are constrained, for sure). And you don't know anything about those product's demand elesticity to price; Apple could well discount only its products with higher elasticity.
I'm not being rude at all. You suggest Apple refuse to sell at discount because of supply constraints. As if they care. They will only sell what they have in stock. And to suggest they have constraints on the Apple Watch anyway? They are obviously only discounting older versions. They’d have the same constraints I’d suggest. They haven’t had any constraints (waiting times) on anything other than specific builds on the 16” MacBook Pro which is always a supply to order item.

I understand your argument. I just don’t think you’ve thought it through. It doesn’t make me rude.
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Nov 13, 2008
Surely the Mini must get discounted, can anyone confirm if its getting the £100 / $100. When even an Apple TV is getting a voucher it seems rather odd.
While not a discount, rather it is a gift card for another purchase. While odd that Mac mini's and the newer products don't qualify does not make much sense.


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Jan 11, 2008
We are right into Black Friday itself, and yet still no update on other countrys' Apple Black Friday promotion on the MacRumors main page.