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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by rye9, Dec 25, 2010.

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    So, I'm in the market (kinda) for a Macbook. I've got my 13" MBP from 2 summers ago and loving it, but my younger brother is stuck with my old 2005 iBook and is heading off to college in less than a year. Additionally, he wants a new one soon, as the iBook really isn't cutting it anymore.

    So, I need some advice/info/recommendations, etc.

    I bought my initial iBook on for $100 off PLUS a $100 rebate (saved $200), and I got my MBP during the annual summer education discount + the free iPod to which I gave my brother. Consequently, I'd like to snag somewhat of a deal again. Now, I see on a website they have Macbooks for $975 with a $125 rebate, bringing it down to $850, and my mom is wary of the whole rebate thing. On now, they have the macbooks for $950. Thirdly, I can get a $50 discount at Apple for being a college student (or my brother w/ his acceptance letter, presumably).

    So, those are my three most prominent options, but with a possible macbook refresh in the coming months, Apple would put the current revision on sale, no? In any case, when Apple does such... how much are they discounted in the clearance section?
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    I have very rarely seen sales with Apple products. The day after Thanksgiving has really been the only one. Sometimes third party retailers like Best Buy have occasional sales. Your best bet is to purchase with your education discount and if it is during the summer, Apple may choose to offer the free iPod after rebate once again this year.
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    do you have microcenter nearby.. they sell macbook for 950 (well in CA not sure about NY), and then tax (ugh) but you get an additional 5% off if you become a member (free) plus they give you an option to choose 4GB USB drive or SD card (either is free!)

    depends on your tax.

    for me i live in CA, and well i bought a MBP 13",,,i went to microcenter and well i saved $7 (including tax) (since i was initially gonna buy from macconnection) and i got to open it same day! and a free 4GB USB!

    since you live in NY, here are two locations microcenter has stores in... if they are not too far (microcenter for me was about an hour drive)
    New York
    • Long Island/Westbury
    • Yonkers

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