Apple's crazy shipping prices (iPhoto cards)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Applespider, Jun 21, 2006.

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    looking through rose-tinted spectacles...
    1 to 9 (5x7") photo card - £1.69
    If you want 10 cards, shipping leaps up to £6.49
    If you make it to when your 10p discount per card kicks in at 25 (i.e. £2.50), the shipping is now £9.49
    Should by some chance you want to order 50, you're looking at £17.49
    You'd be better off buying in batches of 9.

    Oh... and that's not expedited shipping, that's standard with no guarantee of when it might arrive. And those prices still need VAT at 17.5% added on.

    In comparison (even within iPhoto)
    Any number of prints (up to 5 x 8) (got to 80 without it going up)- £1.99
    A softback photo book - £4.29 shipping plus 40p for extra copies
    A hard-back book - £5.49 plus same again for extra copies

    Now I can see why the hard-back books are dearer, they're somewhat weighty and pretty well packaged. But how shipping cards which can't weigh much more than prints can be justified at those prices I don't understand!
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    He doesn't lick the stamp as well does he :rolleyes:
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    Aren't Apple's iPhoto orders handled by Kodak Gallery ... at least in the US? How does ordering through iPhoto compare to ordering from Kodak Gallery itself?
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    If you press Command+P or go File>Print you can print your cards without buying.
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    looking through rose-tinted spectacles...
    Except when you don't have a printer ;)

    I don't mind paying a postage charge. It just seems ridiculous that it jumps up so much in the case of the photo cards for a small quantity that can't really weigh very much more than the pictures do.

    One thought I had was whether the photos come from a UK printer while the cards are printed in the US and perhaps shipped over (I'll see when the single one arrives) on an express delivery - but still seems excessive if they want people to actually use the service. Many companies offer price breaks to try to encourage people to buy more of something and lower/make the postage free - Apple appear to be just upping it. It is silly that it's cheaper to order in batches of 9 than make a bulk order of 25 or 50 - since it's more work for Apple or their supplier rather than less.

    I've mailed Apple with feedback pointing it out but won't hold my breath!
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