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Discussion in 'iMac' started by twentytwo22, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Jul 13, 2010
    I bought an iMac i5 4850 last year, a month or so before the refresh. I bought it refurbished upon many recommendations (basically the whole internet) at how great Apple refurbs were.

    About 6 months in, I would boot OSX up to a blue screen. The screen would last about 5 minutes, and then OSX would finally come around. A minor annoyance, but still--- I paid for a fully-functioning computer, right? So I took it in to Apple.

    They ended up needing to replace the Logic Board, based on their testing. They replaced the Logic Board, which took about a week.

    I got it home and all was well--- for two days. I was transferring songs to my iPod when suddenly the system just shutoff, all the way. And it wouldn't turn on.

    I waited overnight and tried turning it back on. It did come back on--- for 5 seconds. And then died again. Back to the Apple store.

    I'm not sure of all that needed repairing, all I know is that it wasn't just the power supply. They fixed that and something else, and got it back to me in 6 days.

    I got it home (again) and all was well (again), for two weeks. However, I wasn't using it very heavily during that time. It was working, thought, and I was again happy. However, yesterday, as I was transferring photos to my iPod Touch, it shut down about 30 minutes in. Just like last time. However, this time, it turned right back on and so I thought it might be a fluke--- but upon transferring photos again, it died again.

    I downloaded a couple of programs to monitor the temperatures--- it said my CPU was running at 100*C. Uhh... yeah, that's the boiling point. I downloaded a fan-controller program, and turns out the CPU fan wasn't spinning at all; looks like it was blown. Yep--- back to the Apple store.

    This time I wasn't very happy. This is three times in a span of less than two months, contributing to significant downtime. I told the guy straight that I didn't blame him or Apple but I was sick of it breaking and I needed a computer that worked--- one that wasn't a lemon. He told me he would see what he could do and went into the back for about ten minutes.

    When he emerged, I could see he had a brand new iMac in his hands. He told me that they usually never do this and that they won't do it again, but that he was going to give me a brand new computer.

    Not only that--- it was a current-model i5. So, I paid $1699 for my computer 8 months ago, refurbished, and due to my troubles Apple gave me an updated, brand new $1999 model. On top of that, he said not to worry about the magic mouse and keyboard--- I could keep them as extras. So I have two of each.

    Nobody--- and I mean NOBODY--- has customer service like this anymore. Apple gets a bad rap for being a company that wants to make money, but with customer service like this, I can't ever see myself buying a computer anywhere else.

    Props to Apple. :apple:
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    They don't usually do this?

    Uh, yes they do. Frequently. Get 3+ hardware failures on a machine and they'll give you a new one of the current generation. Welcome to Apple.
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    Mar 14, 2010
    3+ failures is obvious that their was something seriously wrong with the product

    the lemon law protects you from that. i dont see why them giving you a new computer is so fantastic of apple, and i seriously do love apple, but if i were you, i still would've been pissed off that I just spend $1700 on a "quality" machine that kept failing.

    you deserved that new computer, lol
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    Jul 13, 2010
    I guess what I expected was to have to mail it back in to get another 2009 i5 4850 refurb back in the mail, or to get a $1699 2010 model and not the equivalent-but-new $1999.

    Anyway, happy ending.
  5. flipster macrumors 6502a

    Mar 14, 2010
    True, which is exactly why I love apple, and will keep buying macs. It's just after 3+ failures on something that expensive, would ticked me off :D.
  6. coryndiego, Feb 14, 2011
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    Great Customer Service with persistence...

    similar story here but only had my refurbished 27" i7 for 3 days. I should wait until I get the new refurb before I thank Apple but .....Thank You Apple.
    It took 4 separate calls and a visit to the apple store for "verification" of the dented foot, chipped black border paint under glass and that pesky uneven brightness issue. I'm not sure how that slipped by their stringent refurb process but it did.

    I only saved 180.00 on the i7 from the education discount so returning it and buying new was the only option before I settled for a damaged refurb. I didnt have to. Thanks!

    the new one should be here around the 22nd....I'll repost when it gets here. Until then, Im back to the 13 inch MBP ( I had 3 days of guilt for letting it sit idle. :)

    Honestly, there is no option for me to buy a PC... Mac has been good to me for almost 13 years. My work PC drives me CrAzY!!!

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