Apple's ditching Java support for cocoa?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by odedia, Jan 28, 2006.

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    Nov 24, 2005

    Does anyone know why Apple will not be supporting Java for cocoa in the next version of Mac OS X? I am a Java developer, and the idea of developeing in pure Java is very interesting to me. I do not want to start learning Objective C. I am a strong believer in portability, and I think that developing in java would perhaps some day alow my to port my application to a platform other than Mac Os X (Since Cocoa is just a framework, like .NET for example, it is possible to port that infrastructure to a different platform. Perhaps like the Dharma rumor that was raised here). However, I doubt this will be possible if I use Objective C. The minimum would have to be a recompile. Besides, I don't know Object C in the first place.

    This document is intended for Java programmers interested in developing Cocoa applications. Keep in mind, however, that Java is not Cocoa’s native language. To develop Cocoa applications that you intend to release to end users, you must use Objective-C. No Java interfaces for new Cocoa features will be added to Mac OS X versions after 10.4. Therefore, features added to Cocoa in subsequent versions Mac OS X will not be available to Cocoa applications developed using Java.

    Oded S.
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    They're not ditching Java. They're just not interested in continuing the interface code between Cocoa and Java. In my opinion, it was a somewhat unwise waste of time and money but it was interesting.

    Pure Java code will remain.
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    Then Cocoa is something you want to avoid anyway. Apple haven't said that they're going to eliminate the existing features, or take away the native GUI skin. They're simply not adding new platform-specific features.
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    Cocoa may just be a framework, but if Cocoa is ever going to be ported to other platforms, like the Dharma rumor says, it will certainly support Objective-C, because that's the language it is intended to work with.

    I don't see many benefits of using pure Java and Cocoa. It may be a bit more portable if you separate cocoa dependent code and cocoa independent code. If you create some kind of API abstraction level, that could be adapted to use something like .net or maybe even the Java API itself with Swing or AWT, but then you assume you might not use Cocoa anyway if you port. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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