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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced that its free Schoolwork app, introduced at its education event in Chicago in March, is now available for teachers.


Schoolwork enables teachers to share assignments and announcements with students, track student progress, tailor instructions to student needs, collaborate one-on-one with students, provide instant feedback, and more.
Schoolwork makes it easy to create and send announcements and assignments with almost any type of content, from web links to PDFs and documents, and even specific activities in apps. Students can use Schoolwork to stay organized and keep track of the work they need to complete and when they need to hand it in.
Schoolwork works alongside Apple's existing Classroom app for iPad, and soon Mac. The latter app lets teachers monitor every student's iPad in class.


Classroom on iPad, for example, helps teachers keep students focused on a specific app or website and lets them view student screens during class, share documents with students, assign shared iPads, reset a student's password, and more.

More details about the Schoolwork and Classroom apps and deployment are available on Apple's education tools website.

Article Link: Apple's Free Schoolwork App Now Available to Teachers


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Sep 21, 2017
This would be awesome (teacher here) except my school uses google. Students have windows laptops / tablets. I wonder how this compares to google classroom.


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Feb 17, 2010
I would love the ability to screenshare to make its way to the consumer version of iOS.


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Aug 31, 2003
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This would be awesome (teacher here) except my school uses google. Students have windows laptops / tablets. I wonder how this compares to google classroom.
I work IT in a school district that uses iPads for grades K-5, Chromebooks for 6-8, as well as Google Suite for 2-8. It'll be interesting to see the differences.

I'm curious what other apps this integrates with? Looks like Kahoot!, iBooks, Swift and a few others have classwork. I wonder if it works with Calendar to show due dates? I also wonder if it integrates with Student Information Systems as to sync grades or whatever.
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Jun 22, 2011
I personally love the idea of this and would have loved it to be available when I was at school. However, in the UK where currently schools are proposing bans on basic things such as pencil cases due to it creating 'class divides' I wonder how this will stack up.


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Jun 5, 2014
Any idea if his can be used at home? Not talking about home school, just to assign my kids some educational iPad work and track that they’re doing it.
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Jun 20, 2003
Brisbane, Australia
This is interesting insofar that the assumed UIKit enhancements for Mojave also compiles iOS originated apps for earlier macOS versions like High Sierra.
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