Apple's 'Get a Mac' named campaign of the decade

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    Apple's 'Get a Mac' named campaign of the decade

    Apple's ad campaigns are rather notorious in many ways, though with that comes the fact that they're some of the most recognized ones on the planet. AdweekMedia believes that Apple's very effective with its strategy, and has named Apple's 'Get a Mac' campaign of the decade.

    AdweekMedia has recently posted their choices for 'Best of the 2000s', with categories ranging from TV show of the decade all the way down to the most popular Super Bowl spot. As mentioned, Apple's infamous 'Get a Mac' ad campaign, featuring John Hodgman and Justin Long, took the campaign of the decade crown; AdweekMedia elaborated on the choice, stating the following:

    "Apple always diverged from the "speeds and feeds" ads associated with the computer category, but the brand really defined itself with the 2006 launch of TBWA\Media Arts Lab's "Get a Mac" campaign. That series of 60-plus ads brought some humanity into the equation by turning the machines into live-action cartoons. In so doing, the comic spots offer transparent understanding of the aspirations of its audience and how people identify—and connect emotionally—with technology. The genius is in the casting. The Mac guy, Justin Long, is a younger version of Steve Jobs who is casual and comfortable in his skin. PC, personified by John Hodgman, as a rounder, paler Bill Gates, is a well-meaning geek with all kinds of operating problems. For Apple, the campaign managed the neat trick of making the brand look laid back and cool while it mercilessly skewered its rival."

    It seems that Apple wasn't successful only with its campaign on AdweekMedia's site, but it also took out brand of the decade, with Steve Jobs holding marketer of the decade. Additionally, the iPod was the product of the decade.
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    TBH there have been much better campaigns.

    The first few times you see them, get a Mac ads are funny, but they're wearing a bit thin now.

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