Apple's iPhone upgrade program questions.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ra4oasis, Sep 10, 2016.

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    Two questions related to Apple's iPhone upgrade program.

    I saw for the bottom line of iPhone 7 line, it is around $32 a month. But what if you have some money to put down up front? Like can I pay $300 at the start and have a lower monthly payment?

    Also, is the iPhone SE available through the upgrade program?
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    I think it is about paying off a loan. A friend and I were reading through some upgrade stuff for her, and I believe we discussed that if you paid it off earlier, you are eligible earlier for a switch to another phone. If I remember that correctly, that could mean you can just put say 250 bucks extra in there, which covers a bunch of months.

    From their site: "you can also upgrade to a new iPhone after just six months, if you’ve made at least 12 payments. - Upgrade early with an advance payment"
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    To answer your iPhone SE question, I had a chat with presales open anyway, so I asked him. He confirmed it's the 7 only.

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    It's a personal loan not a credit line (the amount due is not based on a % of the total remaining), I don't think the monthly amount due changes because you are paying against the capital, just like your mortgage, you can pay more each month but your monthly amount due remains the same for the the life of the loan.

    Not really an advantage to pay more ahead, since it's interest free... You're just giving the bank your money to use instead of using it yourself.

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