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Dec 11, 2010
Hello rather than starting a new thread i thought i would post my problem that i have.
I have apple mail setup with my icloud, outlook and exchange address. However I'm not getting notifications when i get new mail. I get the sound, and the badge icon on the mail app, but not notification on the top right of my screen. I have notifcation set to on, both in the mail preferences and system preferences. Today when i decided to close Apple mail, durning the process of it quitting, it decided to show every single notifcation for new mail that i had since i open the program in the top right, whilst it was quitting. how do i fix this?


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May 24, 2010
Oxford, UK
Installed Catalina a few days ago. I’m unable to change the Message list font in Column view (which is the only view I use). Mail Preferences>Fonts and Colours gives me the option, but choosing a font makes no difference. All I can change is font size. Tried booting in safe mode and changing font there, but no joy.

Also, is there anyway to hide the Inbox column in Mail’s Column view? – like the Message list font, this could be done in all previous versions of OSX.
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