Apple's Morning Show Drama Starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston Gains Director Mimi Leder

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    Apple's upcoming morning show drama, which is set to star Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, will be directed by Mimi Leder, reports Variety.

    Mimi Leder has directed TV shows that include "The Leftovers," "Shameless," and "ER," along with movies that include "Pay It Forward," "The Peacemaker," and "Deep Impact."

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    The morning show drama doesn't have a title yet, but it is based on Brian Stelter's book "Top of the Morning" and is said to provide a look into the cutthroat world of morning TV.

    Stelter's book, for example, "reveals the dark side of morning television" with exclusive details on present and past morning show stars like Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Ann Curry, Meredith Vieira, and more.

    Apple has already ordered two seasons of the show, which was one of the first that it picked up. In addition to starring, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston will also executive produce.

    Apple has more than a dozen television shows in the works, with details on each available in the original content section of our Apple TV roundup. Apple has not shared details on when its TV shows will launch, but rumors have suggested the first could come in March 2019.

    Article Link: Apple's Morning Show Drama Starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston Gains Director Mimi Leder
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    And nobody will watch it.

    ...And the post team won't even be able to use Apple's own Mac Pro, since it's 4 years old now and as slow as molasses. #irony
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    Excited to see this one. Love Reese and Jennifer.
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    In the middle of several books.
    Must be a new genre. I have never heard of such either.
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    Parts Unknown
    Geeeze uss. Reece Witherspoon looks like hell.
  7. Kaibelf, Jul 11, 2018
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    Probably a drama set around a morning show production set. Definitely different but recent work from Reese Witherspoon on TV has been very strong so maybe it will be something good.

    With the way AT&T has pretty openly decided that HBO has to get “more profitable” (read: reality trash and web series crap) I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple and Amazon become the go-to boutique studios for higher end shows. They don’t need the money and can offer creative flexibility (even though Amazon cancelled Mozart in the Jungle).
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    These Apple TV shows are going to end up in the same trash bin next to Project Titan.
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    Aniston could be reading the stock quotes and I’d be watching. With intent
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    Apple's TV endeavour feels very 'meta', first Apple, a company which makes apps, did a show about apps, and now they're making a TV show about a TV show...

    HMM! :p

    Personally I sort of question the recent octopusification of many major corps; instead of focusing on what they're good at, they diversify into areas where they have no previous presence or experience. This usually tends to have bad repercussions - like HBO's alleged descendence into crapware TV for example - because corporate execs don't really know much about anything, they're mostly good at being greedy and shortsightedly looking at the next quarterly report sheet.
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    Sep 28, 2017
    the best thing Apple should do is buying some the exclusively online distribution of some TV shows, not this
    There's a lot of small broadcast companies needs Apple support
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    Dec 1, 2015
    Someone at Apple needs to stand up and say to Tim Cook, "Is this show, and every other Apple show, going to make someone want to run out and buy an Apple TV box?" Or will people be able to watch Apple shows on other smart TV's, Roku's, etc? I can't imagine people gathering around the iPad to watch.
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    I thought this was MacRumors but I guess it has become TMZ mini.
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    I would have thought with Anniston & Witherspoon it would have been a Morning TV Show comedy. Here’s an example of the genre…

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    yeah, my first thought was like "oh, gosh, 'sweet home alabama' must have been quite some time ago"
  18. sidewinder3000, Jul 11, 2018
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    Are you guys high? It’s a drama. About characters that work on a morning show.
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    Mimi Leder is great! This is fantastic news. Def interested in checking this one out.
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    Ha! High five, man! Being cynical is hilarious!

    I take that back. Being cynical is a cop out. And also inherently inaccurate. There is no connection in people, conception, or execution between these two projects, and there is no reason to believe that the success or failure of either project is in anyway related. There is a high degree of probability that these Apple TV projects will be just as successful as equivalent projects at Netflix and Amazon.
  19. LittleChief, Jul 12, 2018
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    Mimi Leder is an exceptional director, her work on 'The Leftovers' is the best of the best.

    "Mimi Leder is the savior of “The Leftovers,” as many diehard fans know. Not only did she direct the most episodes, but she revamped the series in Season 2 with her expansive visuals and as an integral executive producer. She opened up its scope, which greatly contributed to the series becoming the absolute best on TV. Simply put, her work behind the camera over the last three seasons has been tremendous. The stoning of Gladys, captured in a wide shot to increase the impact of its brutality, is the series at its most harrowing. Her silent prologue to “Axis Mundi” proved that suffering and sacrifice is timeless. She pulled off two disaster sequences in the Season 1 and Season 2 finales, amplifying the chaos of Guilty Remnant attacks with the use of frantic handheld camera shots. (The Season 2 finale, which clocks in at 73 minutes, was shot in 10 days — a feat largely credited to Leder.) And in “Crazy Whitefella Thinking,” she brought the series to Australia and fully realized it as a neo-Biblical exodus. It’s only fitting Leder is directing the series finale this Sunday. In her hands, “The Leftovers” is never anything but a masterpiece."

    You need the context of the show and the character development but season 2, this episode and this scene along with many others are iconic. Still gets me now.

    and the precursor


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