Apple's next entry into wearables

Michael CM1

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Feb 4, 2008
Thought it would be fun to see if anybody else had ideas on what other products Apple might make that would be considered wearable and what they might do. Here are a few that have popped into my head.

• Headphones. Apple already makes these, and I'm curious to see if there will just be a Beats line of headphones or if Apple will use Apple-branded products for earbuds and maybe go for variety. There's also a lot more you could do with headphones, such as incorporate a few Watch features into them and possibly make them standalone capable with access to Apple Music. I'm guessing a set of completely wireless Beats Studio headphones that had the capability to play from Apple Music with just Siri commands might be something worth trying in the near future. Add in a few apps for things like sports broadcasts and people might use them a lot like they do NASCAR race scanners. Yet I realize the market for this probably isn't very big.

• Glasses. Obviously Google tried and failed with this. I think one main reason is cost, the other is fugliness. Apple excels at hardware compared to Google's software. So if you could somehow tuck the electronics into the frame better and maybe incorporate a bridge camera, perhaps it could work in a few years. Maybe a focus on models that automatically become sunglasses would be best since most of us use sunglasses but not everybody needs standard glasses. But also the market is very limited and I can't think of many new uses that Apple doesn't cover.

• Shoes. Not really the entire shoe, but maybe something like the Nike products that you could pop into your shoe. Figure out a way to make a small sensor to put in or on runners' shoes to more accurately track steps, distance, etc. Maybe Apple makes an actual shoe with the sole that can measure pressure points. I'm not a runner, but I have some friends who are and might be into this.

• Lightsabers. I'm out of realistic ideas, so I just want Apple to make this happen.
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Jul 2, 2011
I think they'll follow someones elses lead in what they do next. I would like to see the watch become something far more useful though first. Maybe even a watch companion wrist band for the other wrist to more efficiently monitor stride, measure weight training, analyse golf/tennis swing, detect finger movements and assist with guitar lessons, control computer games, measure short distances acurately, project video as well as keyboard. So, not asking for much.
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Oct 23, 2014
Vancouver, BC, Canada
I second this motion!
+1 Someone REALLY needs to do this! How hard can it be to put in a robust gyro to give decent force feedback?!

I know we've all seen this...and were heartbroken when it didn't materialize *sniff* :(

Oh..and, per the headphones - you DID already see that they've released beats colours to match the sports bands of the watches, right?