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Jun 10, 2006
I don't think it would be a good idea for Apple to make their phone only work on one more network. Think of all the people that would buy it if they used all networks. Although I bet they could make money off of the 1 network that pays to make them be the only carrier.

Chef Medeski

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Jun 14, 2005
New York, NY

Switching to Intel has done more for Apple than sticking with PPC ever did.

Now Apple have switched to Intel they've been able to realise vastly more exciting machines.

The switch has been anything BUT boring!

Yes it has done more but nothing innovative. New chips is not an innovation. How about tablets, more flexibility. Better battery life. All they have done is Mag-safe. Honestly all the cool bell and whistles on a Macbook Pro are really old. Backlit keyboard.... ages ago. DVD burner? .... iSight is nice not really innovate but atleast that was SOMETHING NEW.... Expressslot... ur wowing me man.

Ive been more excited recently by Windows hardware. UMPCs. Tablet. Innovative ones in that. Media bays while old provide great flexibilty. Miniscule laptops. Fingerpring readers. Button for media playback without OS Boot. Second screen. Wi-fi finder when computer is off. Sepereate Wi-fi buttons. These are all nice things that usually someone like Apple innovates. They came out with shock resistant HDs. Color led in power. The backlit keyboard. Automatic adjusting backlight for the screen. Yet people have caught up and surpased. How about a spill-proof keyboard? I would love that. The wi-fi finder is great for not ahving to keep the computer on. I mean come on apple. Your Macbook Pro besides a different name hanst really gained MUCH of anythin besides intel chips and a name since Titanium Powerbooks were introduced, what 7 YEARS AGO? I'm sorry. 7 Years is too long for the same form factor with minor tweaks. Its time for something new. I really want to buy an Apple for my replacement laptop end of this semester. Yet I'm not merely buying a bigger, faster of my 12" for $2000. I rahter get a tablet or a superslim Windows for half that. Software aside that is. Come on apple, make people crave your hardware again. Or atleast bring it back up to the standard of the rest. Wi-fi finder. Spill-proof keyboard. These things cant be hard to implement, where are your developers?


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Jun 28, 2006
While I am keeping my fingers crossed, I have my doubts.

I guess we'll find out on Tuesday.

I understand what you mean. somehow, i have that voice in the back of my head telling me that im not gonna get what i want. Its depressing as hell to think about. tomorrow is gonna be the worst day ever, because i will be stuck without any knowledge of whats came out, till 330 eastern time. No computer equals no knowledge for me, which sucks. To be honest for what a next gen device would be.. I simply say with hope. A true video ipod that knocks the crap out of the new sansa and the creative zen and stuff.

NO IPHONE!!! (i will laugh my ass off when it isn't released)


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Feb 1, 2006
Los Angeles
i wouldn't be surprised if it plays portable videos games [like psp] that apple has been rumored to be developing.

Maybe you missed it last year when games were released for the iPod?

NO IPHONE!!! (i will laugh my ass off when it isn't released)

Yah, me too. As much as I want an Apple phone. I think that at this point I would have more fun if Steve didn't announce or even acknowledge the phone rumors.

Steve may have stolen his own thunder by previewing the iTV last fall?


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Oct 5, 2005
just finished watching the most boring MS keynote ever...they presented not one new idea or fresh approach....i certainly hope that if apple does release an iphone it blows ms into the toilet....

Agreed. It looked like an uninspired and unimaginative pre-emptive strike on Apple's iTV from what I saw of it. You can't sit an XBOX 360 on top of a TV it's too damn big and too damn ugly. But they were trying to say 'don't buy iTV we have all these wonderful things and if you work hard enough and have the patience you can watch downloaded telly with our stuff too, so you don't need theirs'. I don't know if an iphone will blow MS in the toilet (er sorry, ... blow them into the toilet ... ), but I can't see a long term strategy from MS at the moment, it's all bits and pieces of stuff that don't seem to be profitable or logically connected or well advertised. MS do more adverts telling you how you can be inspired by their products than advertising the actual products, it's all so abstract. Whereas at the end of a Mac ad you see the Mac and within the Mac ad they talk about the software, etc. Having said that Apple need MS as the perfect model of how not to approach the market, and why they are right not to launch too many different product lines, etc.


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Aug 23, 2003
Fort Myers, FL
it's gonna be hard to top my BlackBerry Pearl. I think I'll sit this one out...
I'd like to retract that statement :eek:

I guess a quote from Steve's keynote might be appropriate - After today, I don't think anyone's gonna look at those phone's quite the same way....

I'm ruined! I gotta have an iPhone. See ya Pearl :D
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