Apple's Next R&D Center Said to Be Opening in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2017

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    Apple will continue to expand the reach of its research and development centers around the world with a new location in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, sometime in 2017. The news comes from Indonesian Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara, who mentioned that the project's preparation has now progressed to "the final stage" (via Tempo).

    Additionally, the Minister added that Apple plans to find the location for the R&D center by the end of 2016, putting the company on the path of completing construction and hiring employees by the end of 2017. "Several options" for the focus of the Jakarta-based R&D center have been proposed, but none are yet finalized.

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    Rudiantara said that he knows the monetary value of Apple's investment in the Jakarta R&D center, but did not divulge the number to the press. In addition to the proposed site in Jakarta, Apple has set up similar R&D centers in China, Japan, Israel, and the UK, and is said to be planning similar facilities in Canada, India, and Vietnam to take advantage of local resources.

    Article Link: Apple's Next R&D Center Said to Be Opening in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2017
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    "Emoji research"

    All jokes aside, hopefully Apple will pour some money in research and come out with some advancements on their current projects. Theres been a lot of talk of them having smaller profit margins. I think we need to come to accept this because if they and investors are worried about that, Apple will shrink. They need to advance their products so they sell more. Take a hit on profits margins for a while to develop new products!
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    They'd never do that, and their recent stuff proves that. The Watch even proves they'd rather develop new products as an excuse to make even bigger profit margins than ever.
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    You'd almost think they are a for-profit business. It's shocking. :rolleyes:
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    Facesticks on the App store
    They need to make a campus 3 building in Australia
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    Cool so now they can research new lame products in another country!

    Or new watch bands......
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    All these R&D centers and we are still stuck with awful design; Apple Mail is like something from the nineties; Safari is skeletal; iMovie... never mind; Messages/iMessage is sad - compared to say, Snapchat; Phones are unimaginative in design... a rectangular screen with a metal backing... so East Germany 1980; iOS UI has not appreciably changed from the days of Palm Pilot in the nineties - the icons are higher resolution and color - big deal; *still* no AR products - three years late so far; security always on the verge of apocalypse; these R&D places create jobs for construction industry... what else?
    The watch bands are hilarious... bondage from the stone age... upgraded to plastic - help!
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    Simply a way to spend some of that huge foreign cash hoard without having to repatriate it to the US at steep tax consequences, while at the same time getting a more diverse r&d team.
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    That's not really a adding to the discussion here.
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    I like what you added to the discussion /s

    I was expressing my opinion like everyone else in this forum....... you can skip it if you don't like it and / or ignore me if pleases you.
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    The Netherlands
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    So many ignorant comments. I'm just glad none of these armchair critics are in Apple's board of directors.

    This is a strategic move that is long overdue. Indonesia is enforcing its regulation where a 4G handset sold in the country must have a certain percentage of local involvement (can be hardware or software).
    Samsung already made an assembly plant in Indonesia few years ago as a respond to the regulation, assembling the S and Note series in the country. As a result, Samsung can sell their Galaxy lineup in full force. Meanwhile, Apple has not even launched the 6S/SE in Indonesia, and LTE iPads are not available either. Sure, there are gray market imports available, but the government is enforcing its high import duties in the country's ports.

    Even the Chinese companies are feeling the pain. Newer Xiaomi handsets with global ROM would disable LTE when an Indonesian SIM is inserted (I believe Xiaomi managed to get an agreement to overcome this though).
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    I'm all for it! Not much is wowing the world like the Apple of old that honorably mentioned "Desgined by Apple in California". With this latest bit of news/rumors makes you think that expensive book was foretelling something.

    But the lame ignorance that a company that prides itself looking out for people and increasing it's diversity, you'd think at least its fans and user would also do the same. That is to allow for diversity.

    Honestly I'd much rather see ... Designed by Apple (and no specific place) so it no longer alienates potential consumers across the globe!
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    There have been some unjustified criticism of Apples products, especially the desktop computers and notebooks. I honestly would like to know, what users are doing so much with their Macs that would cause them to determine Apple's offerings unsatisfactory? What are you making with these computers? I think part of what has happened over the past 10 years with the transition to Intel, a lot of new users came from the WinTel platform (including myself) and came with the feeds and speed mentality.

    A lot of these new generation of Mac users are partly bandwagonists. They are not actual core users of the platform. They wanted to be part of something and this was part of the Steve Jobs aurora. The sales pitch is not as convincing with a Phil Schiller or Ive. Certainly, if Steve presented the new MacBooks, many would not complaining.

    The days when Apple was behind with the PowerPC chip; they never cared much for the platform. When Steve introduced the Intel transition, he focused on performance per watt. Not about having a machine with the most RAM or fastest GHz. We have fallen into this trap in 2016 of believing we must future proof the living daylights out of a system to find some imaginary value that will justify buying. We stop looking at buying to meet our "genuine" needs and not who has the biggest (you know what). I think a lot of the unboxing videos on YouTube have fed into this too.

    This month I visited the states and of course I checked out the iPhone 7 Plus, which I had my eyes on as a possible upgrade from my standard 6s. After checking it out, I asked myself, do I really need this? I had the cash ready, but I said, is this going make posting to Facebook, Twitter, or improve filtered photos on IG any better? I am able to do so much already; I have not exhausted the 64 GBs of space in the phone, all my iTunes library, photos taken over the past year are on it.

    The new MacBook Pro is nice, but I don't want it, because my 2015 MBP 13 Broadwell is still a great machine that does all I need. I use it for what it is, not to satisfy some imaginary need. I run a couple VMs on 8 GBs of RAM with it, play music in iTunes, surf the web in Firefox and Safari, constantly in Word, working on a slide show in PPT and its not even sweating.

    I was watching Computer Chronicles this week and an Apple rep was creating professional content on a Power Mac G3 for broadcast. That proved to be a core target audience and it got the job done in 1999. I just want to know why can't a maxed out MBP 15 or entry level model in 2016 do this? Why would it not do this in 2018 too? Users were doing major motion picture post production on Macs for ages and they didn't seem held back by it.

    Show me your Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and other accolades then I might be receptive to your complaint. If you are not creating motion pictures, then stop complaining. Even then, if you were, you would have use whatever that movie studio provides you, whether that's a 2013 Mac Pro or a 2016 Dell Precision with Linux and Lightworks. Don't tell me that the 2016 MacBook Pro is not enough for you to edit pictures of your children picking boogers in 4k or a member of your church eating cake.
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    Mar 18, 2006
    A fridge nowadays can make you posting to Facebook, Twitter, or improve filtered photos on IG... why are you using a phone?

    Maybe you should buy one of these!!
  17. pika2000 macrumors 603

    Jun 22, 2007
    I didn't know you can put a fridge in your pocket, unless you are a cat robot from the future.
  18. 8692574, Nov 29, 2016
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    Mar 18, 2006
    Just saying... his logic is what if you did not won an oscar, you do not need power.. is just as silly as asking to use a fridge for internet.....

    Next time I will put a disclaimer saying that it is a provocative thing so that people like you won't take it so seriously!!!!!! NO I WAS NOT SUGGESTNG A FRIDGE IS PORTABLE NOR THAT IT IS A VIABLE SOLUTION!!!!

    He could buy a used iPhone 3gs and post on facebook and such and save lots of money he does not even need the 6s he has....see what I am saying.

    He does not need power, so why should anyone else...

    Harrison Ford
    John Travolta
    Tom Cruise
    Johnny Depp

    They never won an oscar, should they stop acting as well?? An oscar or a prize does NOT give any entitlement!
  19. pika2000 macrumors 603

    Jun 22, 2007
    Considering you didn't even get the joke in my post actually made you to be the easily provoked people per your own words. :p
    And yes, putting bold words and caps will help you on the internet. Uh huh.
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    Oct 17, 2008
    I am a long time Mac user and I feel that Apple has lost its focus. Apple computers were the best back then. Upgradable if you grew out of what it did when you bought it. Then Apple went for the consumer market as well. They stripped down things they thought would not be needed. Remember the first iMac? Just USB ports. The pros were screaming and yelling! But this was a consumer Mac. The Power Mac still had all its bells and whistles. Same with the iBook and Power Book. The pros got what they needed to work. The consumers got the nice looking gadgets.

    Nowadays there is no pro machine. Well let me reword this. There is no machine for the pros today. The MacBook Pro is basically a MacBook Deluxe. Pros need upgradability. Pros need ports. They don't care if the machine is 50 grams lighter or 3 mm thinner.

    Apple has lost its focus. This sounds like bitching but this is what is going on. Just look at the iPad lineup. Or the abandoned Mac Pros, Airport devices and monitors. Apple is run by toner heads.
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    Mr. Dee

    Dec 4, 2003
    The Mac has always been about the consumer market since its exception. Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh as the computer for the rest of us. The original Macintosh 128K never included any option for expansion and was targeted at general consumers and creatives. Apple didn't start introducing expandability until after Steve Jobs had long left the company with the Macintosh SE and II.

    The company has always been about the consumer and this returned with the iMac. Apple's Pro target in the late 90's and 2000's was strategic. Apple needed a bargaining chip to keep the Mac relevant. Steve Jobs went on a buying spree collecting a vast collection of professional creative apps and using those teams to create consumer oriented versions. Final Cut/iMovie, Logic/Garageband, iPhoto/Aperture, Motion, Shake. Once that bargaining chip was in place, other creative apps had to follow, Adobe, Macromedia, Quark many others.

    Since Apple has established OS X/macOS as a mature platform and third party pro apps are fully established and matured on the platform; there is little need to compete there. Instead, the focus is on refining their hardware products and also go back to the core, the consumer. Not everbody needs to be a creative professional to own a Mac. You might just like the hardware and nothing else.
  22. DeepIn2U macrumors 603


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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    BRAVO! You've worded this succinctly and most likely very accurately.
    I'll also add that as iPhone & iPad matured, the most common tasks done by the average web/email/text user was on those platforms and less and less on the computers that where less personal. Upgrades to these users became more of a "must have" to fit in with the Jones' at Starbucks.

    PowerPC behind Intel?!
    Ahem ... Intel Bunny Burned (commercial was hilarious but the performance and chipsets proved it)!
    PowerMac G5 ... took the competition about a full year to equal performance, config options, and pricing to match! Performance on the chip was about 6-to-7mths late by Intel and I think a major company like Dell lobbied to have "The Most Power Desktop Computer" from Apple's add's pulled. (Panther Dog Tags).

    Mac's have a strong presence outside of Movies/Film Editing/Production you know:
    Music Arrangement, Composition, and Recording (huge section on Apple's site dedicated to this)
    Desktop Publishing (if that exists) Web content creation - probably even less now a days
    K12 Education - the iPad really shows it's strength here though.

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