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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gibbynd, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Even though this is a revamped product, do you think the Verizon iPhone will suffer from the typical Apple 1st production run problems like so many Apple devices do? I waited in line to get a 3g on opening day, had to return it in 2 months. I know there were problems with iPads and Macs as well on first runs.

    I have a Driod X now, but don't know if I can justify jumping to the iPhone knowing 1.) There will be some sort of newer model come summer and 2.) This first batch of phones could be plagued by problems in trying to manufacture many phones to get them into inventory.

    Your thoughts? I'm probably going to stay with the X for now.
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    You mean like all the problems with the revision A iPad :rolleyes:

    No it's still an iPhone 4 just with the CDMA chipset. For all intents purpose it's an iPhone 4
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    I Left att last year and went with Droid 2. I am so much happier with verizon. As far as the iphone 4 goes i have complete confidence that it will be a great phone on verizon. i was going to get it first thing this Feb but i decided to wait till apple has their next keynote promoting the next iphone. if iphone 5 is annoucned i will wait till it comes out. if no iphone 5 i will go to verizon and get a iphone 4 on verizon.
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    I think there will be no problem with this Verizon Iphone 4 since this phone is not TOTALLY NEW model.
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    I don't think so. They've been producing the iPhone 4 for months now. I'm pretty sure they have it under control (except for the white iPhone 4 - which has reportedly been fixed and will be released soon). All Apple is really doing is adding in a CDMA chipset and slightly tweaking the antenna. Any problems that do occur, will most likely come from software flaws and not hardware ones.

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