Apple's RAID PCIe Card Discontinued?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by guzhogi, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Just looked on the online Apple Store & didn't see the RAID card as an option for Mac Pros. Has it been discontinued? While I don't need one, just thought I'd ask.
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    Defacto discontinued .... However, if invoke a Google/Bing web search you can find it.

    [ You can put "Mac Pro RAID card" in Apple's search box too on the Upper Right of store's page in the navigation bar. ]

    This is similar to a period before the XServe was cancelled and it was very had to find an XServe by just navigating the Online Store. You had to dig to find the product.

    There are far better ways of spending $699. If need one for some specific certified hardware configuration over a very long lifecycle then probably worth buying a back-up. Otherwise, while the alternatives don't wire-up as cleanly, there are better alternatives available.

    SAS drives and this RAID card are likely to disappear when Apple updates the Mac Pro; if not sooner.

    P.S. This makes sense if Apple is managing its stockpile to be oriented more so for warrantee/support usage than for "retail" sale. They holding onto their stock so can replace as necessary. I have doubts their subcontractor even makes these (or a derivation of these ) anymore.
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