Apple's revolutionary iPad cannibalizing entire Windows PC industry

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    Apple's revolutionary iPad cannibalizing entire Windows PC industry

    "Apple's iPad may not be cannibalizing Mac sales, but it's evidently having a deleterious effect on the PC market–and not just the netbook segment," John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

    "According to UBS analyst Maynard Um, the iPad is having a negative impact on the entire PC industry," Paczkowski reports. "'Sales of traditional notebooks appear to be feeling pressure from the iPad, causing a scramble by vendors to launch iPad-like tablets,' Um wrote in a note to clients.

    Paczkowski reports, "And with few if any real iPad rivals at market, this trend will continue well into 2011. While competition in the tablet market is increasing–and rapidly, too–viable threats to Apple (AAPL) will be few and far between, says Um. With that in mind, he expects iPad unit shipments for calendar 2011 to be 28 million, a number Um says "could still be conservative."'"
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    Your act is quite tired. Stop changing the titles of the articles you link to.
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    Just some fanboy rant.

    Is that just his imagination or can he actually support his statement that the sales of regular laptops are going down? Even though manufacturers release new products, it doesn't mean that the old ones are not popular anymore.
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    Welcome back to square one when all Limited did was post articles with no comment.

    Nothing more than an op-ed piece with no concrete facts.
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    Yes and nothing different to ltd's game.

    With that said, I do think there's some truth to the article. Not that laptop vendors are too worried, they just want a piece of the tablet market.
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    It isn't cannibalising the entire Windows PC industry at all really is it? It's having some impact on the Netbook market. Which, to be honest, is just common sense and what anyone with a brain predicted when the iPad was released.

    Goodbye Netbook at the most. I'll still need use for a computer as long as the iPad stays like an iPad.
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    I can only speak for a few people that I know but....
    This is what I see happening.

    I bought an iPad.

    A friend of the family who's in his 70's and has used PC's since the 80's sees mine and buys one.
    He stopped using his laptop altogether and nearly stops using his PC.
    Now he's asking about how hard it is to switch completely to Mac.

    Co-workers and friends see it, play with it and iPad goes on their list too. But some buy a MacBook instead. (well one did)

    I suspect that the iPad is like a "Gateway Drug". Using an iPad leads to purchase of an iPad OR a Mac Desktop or Laptop.... INSTEAD of buying a PC.

    This could be perceived as the iPad killing PC sales.... and it is. But indirectly.

    Go Team Apple!

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