Apples sales on pace for yearly decline for 1st time in six years.

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Unspeaked, Feb 18, 2009.

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    Some interesting comments. I guess this ties into that "Apple & The Recession" thread...


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    Full original article:

    A couple of points. First, wasn't the same thing said a few months ago, I believe it was about October sales? Second, who said that Apple was "recession-proof?" I'd like to meet that person, given that AAPL has dropped over 50% from its high a little more than a year ago. Obviously the markets don't think Apple is "recession-proof."
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    Isn't there a spray or some pixie dust that Apple uses in the event that the recession comes knocking on the door of their Cupertino Academy? :p
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    Apple could boost these number easy

    New Mac Mini(the leaked one)
    New iMac(the Dual and Quad ones)
    Mac Pro
    New ACD to go along with the 24'' model
    New iPhone
    A netbook

    Apple sales would be through the roof again!
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    Yes. It's called updating your products.

    Come on, Apple!
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    I can see Apple having two options to bump up its stock price.

    The first is a bit difficult: Announce a new product. Perhaps a new rev of Apple TV that handles everything from the store interface to playing stored movies, etc. Perhaps Apple cooperating with another wireless provider to have a dedicated network for Macs similar to how Kindles have Whispernet.

    The second is make some products that have a high pent up demand, then when the economy picks up, either raise the price or discontinue them (like the G4 Cube). Two products would hit the mark with Mac users and have been discussed for ages. The "Mac Pro Mini" (mini tower case, decently expandable), and a beefy Mac Mini with enhanced video (512MB dedicated VRAM, good GPU) that can be used as a portable LAN party gaming machine.

    A netbook wouldn't be something Apple could do well without a major manufacturing retooling. I'd say leave it to Acer and MSI who have had years of experience in the manufacturing process with making these machines at a highly cost efficient level.
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    Haha, it was bound to them sooner or later, and some fanboys will take it as "Apple's Going out of Business??!?!?!".

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