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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Wolfpup, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Anyone know if it blocks audio from the mic or speaker? Like can you still use speakerphone and play podcasts/shows with it on without issue? (I know it supposedly routes the audio, but...?)

    Also, any phone overheating issues with it on? I've had a number of iPod and phones that crash or get weird if you have a case on them so they can't vent heat as easily. Considering the monster CPU/GPU the 6s has, I'm a bit worried about that...

    Otherwise, it sounds as good as we can do for having a larger batteried phone...
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    The apple battery case actually improves the sound since it routes it to the front of the phone. Same with the microphone. Also when you look inside the case to see how they connect, it's great to see that it is insulated where it connects to the speaker and mic so it is a very tight seal. Not sure why the other commenter said he had to remove the case to do updates, I can't see the need to ever remove the case really.
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    Well, I bought the case from Apple and am using it today for the first time-got a white one, and I guess I'm glad I did (although it's not really the same color as the iPhone...I don't know.)

    Anyway why the HECK don't companies just use larger internal batteries? I think with the case the phone is actually MORE comfortable to use (if less cool looking...but who cares? That's a separate rant...I really think the iPhone looks amazing, but my Lumia 635 I'm coming from looks fine, and practically speaking, I don't care, and with a case on it the iPhone probably looks worse lol). When I had a 5s, it felt okay in the hand, but I honestly would have preferred 2-3x the thickness, all filled with battery, and the 6s actually feels way too thin to me. Every iPhone I've had, and my Fire Phone, SUCK BATTERIES DRY like crazy...I mean you can practically just watch the battery meter flying down, doing nothing special at all with it. I've already used 15% of the case's power. Handy that I have the case too, as I forgot to bring a lightning cable from home to work with the new phone...

    This is really disjointed stream of consciousness, sorry!

    Anyway the phone feels better IMO with the case, and I think it's a no brainer for the 6/6s, as apparently it's the only case that basically just seamlessly adds battery life. They charge together, there's no controls, nothing to manage, it just pulls from the case first, then would start in on the internal battery, exactly as you'd want. I'm sure everyone knows this, but it adds a 'battery' entry on the drop down 'today' screen, which lists first the phone's battery, then the case's battery, complete with little pictures of each. Love it!

    I'd prefer if the regular battery indicator somehow (optionally) showed the status of the case too, or like a combo indicator for both, or something, but whatever.

    I like that if the lightning connector on it fails, like my 5s' failed, MAYBE the one on my phone will keep working...

    About the worst thing with it is the 'lip' of the case kind of interferes with/makes it feel a bit weird to use the screen to the edges. You can't touch stuff on the sides without your finger half on the case.

    I'd really like basically an iPhone 6s, but with a plastic case, SD card slot, and 4x the battery life... But oh well, I still like this case!

    EDIT: Another random thought-I'm realizing if this case DIDN'T exist, it would STILL make sense to buy a battery case (like that mentioned Anker, or whatever) even if they sound annoying, like where you press a button to charage the phone from the case (unlike Apple's case) because these battery cases protect the Lightning connector...I have had SO many lightning connectors and cables go bad, and basically no real problems with regular USB, so basically just sealing in the iPhone's port permanently so it's never really used sounds GREAT to me. Hopefully I'll still be using this phone 2 years from now and not disappointed again from a dead port in 10 months lol
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    This is great summary for the case. It definitely makes the phone more comfortable to use, although a bit more heavy.

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