Apple's Strategic Advantage

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by HeezyBear, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Was I a little disappointed there wasn't a bigger screen? Sure. But Apple improved almost every major part of the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 4S. The only thing they didn't change is what it looks like. There's a new antenna, new dual-core processor, upgraded RAM, better camera, better battery, option for more storage, a new operating system.

    I'm not a fanboy of any sort of product. I'm rational and I'll criticize anything that deserves being criticized. However, I think people are underestimating or not realizing the strategic advantage in Apple's decision to focus primarily on software for the past year and a half. People are too blinded by hardware specifications. Hardware specifications have to be one of the most overrated talking points in tech today because hardware is leaps and bounds ahead of the software running on it. Meaning it's not even being taken fully advantage of.

    It's not nearly as difficult to have superior hardware as it is to have superior software. And in relation, superior hardware does not mean much when superior software does not accompany it. With a focus on quality software a strategic advantage is set for years to come. The eventual upgraded hardware will then set it much farther ahead than the hardware specification-intensive competition that hasn't spent half the time optimizing its software to accompany its hardware. Usability is everything.
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