Apples strategy to eliminate ports. iPhone 7 and on.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TheRealAlex, Sep 15, 2016.

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    This was alarming when the New MacBook came with just 1 USB-C Port to charge and connect to devices. Outrageous IMO, look for this trend to continue. Apple is signaling. Expect other devices to dismiss other ports like the iPhone 7 ditch the 3.5mm Port and MacBook Pros have no Ethernet Port. Etc.

    So what's Next ?

    We already know any Port is a point of weakness and water infiltration. That in mind devices are showing up with no SIM card just and eSiM. Look for Apple to eliminate the SIM card slot. Also

    #1. SIM card tray gone it's a water infiltration point and weakness point.
    #2. 3.5mm jack again water infiltration point it's just a big hole gone.
    #3. Physical Home Button again a moveable part Gone now it's all Glass
    What's Next ?
    #4. Lightning Port...again a big hole water infiltration point. Apples hope with the W1 Chip is for all Audio eventually. Charging will be handled via Inductive Charging or the Smart Connector on iPad Pros which is sealed and can transfer Data and Charge. It's just not as capable as the Lightning Port. Eventually the Lightning Port will be replaced by the Smart Connector.
    #5. Mute Button and Volume up and Down. Those Physical buttons are a weakness point and a Water Intrusion Point. They will be replaced by Glass Bumps which will Taptically vibrate when pressed but will be part of the case solid.

    Apples war on ports is well underway and right under our noses.
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    All moving items wear. All moving items will fail. They are also a point of entry for dust and liquid. The less moving parts and points of entry for contaminants, the better. I see no problem.

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