Apple's stuff in 2008


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Jul 8, 2006
Wellington, New Zealand
hey guys!! Just been doing a bit of calculating and I figured I'd be making my next major apple purchases in late 2008, basically when I finish university.

I was having a think about how fast Apple technology would move in the time between now and late 2008, so I thought I'd ask you guys for feasable ideas?
I'd probably buy a Mac Mini for my TV, (along with 42' ACD;))an Imac for Office use and a Macbook for Mobile use.... so heres the stuff I'd love to see

Mac Mini - 64 bit, 1GB RAM standard, 160GB HD and better integrated graphics

iMac - chinless 2GB RAM standard, 500GB HD standard with 512MB gpu, 24' and built in blueray, next gen wifi, really thin!

Macbook - 64 bit, 1GB RAM Standard, 160GB HD and better integrated graphics

software wise I'd love to see Apple take on Microsofts Office fully and build a spreadsheet program and database program along with Pages and Keynote updates... sure Office does the job but I'd really love an Apple take on it :p

all this of course in addition to iPhone :-D any wild ideas or fantasies of what the future holds for apple products?


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Jan 6, 2005
I have no clue, but I hope the iMac will look similar to this:

Bild 1.jpg


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Jul 20, 2006
Can't say I can hold out until late 2008 but I generally upgrade my desktop mac every 3 years or as long as I can hold out, or when the new Mac is at least 6-10 times faster, then I guess it's worth it to upgrade.

I don't plan to upgrade again until July-October of 2007, so the new machine should be at least 6 times faster, so I'm hoping we'll be seeing quad-core or octo-core Macs running at 3.2Ghz or faster. :)

Might also be a good time to pick up 8GB for at least half of what they are going for right now.


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Jul 8, 2006
Wellington, New Zealand
whoah! quads in an iMac! Any chance of water cooling in the future you think?

I think touch screen capable iMacs are a must... of course keyboards and mice should always be able to be used but I think we're approaching the time where we'll benefit from learning touch screen typing...

Mactablets would be pretty cool :-D


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May 2, 2005
Wheaton/Normal, IL
ReanimationLP said:
Wow, I wonder where your gonna fit that sucker. :D
That's what she said.


Tymmz said:
I have no clue, but I hope the iMac will look similar to this:

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That's an awesome idea, because I see one of my future setups being a 30" iMac next to a matching size ACD. It'll be sweet if I can't tell the two apart except for the iSight. It'll be like having a dual screen Mac Pro, except without the tower... and the speed...


EDIT: It would be kinda cool if the Cinema Displays shipped with iSights too, so if you use it with a computer that already has an iSight, iChat will recognize this, and when you're doing a video chat, the camera will switch between angles. I can see it now: "Multi-angle video conferencing, new in Bobcat."


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Apr 8, 2004
to hell with next year! i will be buying a new iPod in around 60 hours and what ever goodies apple's got up there sleave -

o i'm thinking about the 24" iMac around Macworld or the Mac Pro



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Jun 10, 2006
GimmeSlack12 said:
I say Apple's will remain a bit expensive and have OS 11 in the talks.
OS 11? nonono by 2008 we might see 10.6, but OS11 wont come around for 5 years at the absolute earliest.


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Sep 5, 2006
The following shall have happened by the end of 2008. I guarantee it.

1) A triumphant return to the 68k architecture, with a One More Thing keynote speech seeing Jobs admit "We were wrong".

2) Sale of the iPod and related divisions to Creative.

3) No mid-range semi-pro machine, but a bewildering array of machines with names like i8723 and i612 and Mac8877, all with different configurations of CPU, hard drive, GPU, memory. It will be gorgeous to the max.

4) Woz writing yet another book about how he knows Steve Jobs and how he made a special drive interface for the Apple II this one time.


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Apr 29, 2005
San Francisco
Just wait until Mac OS 30.
Then it will be OS XXX, now how would Apple bend that to their advantage? Of course they have till the year 2200 to come up with something.