Apple's Tim Cook Spotted at China Mobile's Headquarters?

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    M.I.C gadget notes that a reporter from Chinese newspaper First Financial Daily reported seeing Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook in the lobby of China Mobile's headquarters earlier today. According to the reporter, who was also able to snap a photo of Cook although it only shows him from the rear:
    China Mobile is far and away the world's largest mobile phone carrier with over 600 million customers, making it a major potential partner for Apple. The carrier has long been interested in offering the iPhone, but Apple has so far been unwilling to build customized hardware capable of running on China Mobile's homegrown TD-SCDMA network standard.


    Reports last month indicated that Apple and China Mobile had reached or were nearing an agreement that would see a future iPhone developed for the carrier's TD-LTE 4G network. Reports have indicated that the same chips could be used for both LTE and TD-LTE, meaning that Apple could conceivably release a future iPhone capable of running on either standard. Complicating the issue, however, is a lack of full LTE coverage looking out over the next several years, and the consequent difficulties of providing fallback 3G compatibility for different standards.

    If Cook is indeed in China talking to executives at China Mobile, it seems likely that significant discussions are underway. While any negotiations of this size would likely take place at the senior executive level, Cook's role as Chief Operating Officer currently in charge of Apple's day-to-day operations in the absence of Steve Jobs would suggest that his direct involvement signals negotiations of the highest importance.

    Article Link: Apple's Tim Cook Spotted at China Mobile's Headquarters?
  2. zin macrumors 6502

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    If that really is Tim, then that suit really doesn't suit him (provided I'm looking at the right person in the photograph...).
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    He probably feels that there's some value to showing a modicum of etiquette and respect in terms of business attire when he is overseas and being hosted in a country whose business people typically wear suits.

    Note that Steve has been known to show up in attire other than his trademark black mock turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers for situations that call for something else (he wore a tux to the Academy Awards, for example).

    Throwing a navy blazer over a pair of khakis is a minimal nod to standard protocol.

    Not a big deal.
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    I agree with your wardrobe analysis here and I'm inclined to believe that looks like the back of Mr. Cook's head and thusly that we'll see a China Mobile compatible iPhone sooner than later.
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    I imagine he does go visit China once in a while, if for no other reason than to visit Foxconn factories. If he's going to spend all day on an airplane, he's going to take the opportunity to visit other big players too. So, this says pretty much nothing about how far along Apple's plans are with China Mobile. But it is kind of a fun news item in a voyeuristic sort of way.
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    Woohoo! Bring it on. Apple/Foxconn better build more Brazilian-based factories just to barely keep up with demand.
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    My guess is that when Tim Cook travels, he has very specific reasons, agendas, and meeting topics.

    Based on his working style, it is unlikely that he would just drop in on big players, just to say "hi" or to justify his time in the air.

    He is in that building to talk about something specific.
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    Whether it has a high importance or not, it could also suggest that Apple has cultural sensitivity and sent the COO to show appropriate respect for China Mobile executives at the same level. In which case this could be an introduction to talks, not the completion of a deal.
  13. CousinCocaine, Jun 22, 2011
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    This ain't no iPhone4 camera

    They indeed need iPhone4's in China. Then at least the photo's are better than this one!
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    And they are making more every day.

    as for :

    "it seems likely that significant discussions are underway."

    Duh, he is not going there for Chinese food.
  15. qtx43 macrumors 6502a

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    Of course he's going to have specific agendas. And of course Apple is talking to China Mobile about something specific. But yes, he does have to 'justify' his time in the air. When you spend 12 hours in the air each way, or whatever it is, you're going to cram in as much useful work as you can. He's not going to fly there every week and make special trips for each different business they're dealing with. Don't undervalue seeing people and places in person, as good as technology is getting, it's still the most useful.
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    Finally, ER is coming to iTunes!! ;)
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    I would customize the **** out of anything for 600M potential customers.. I don't know why Apple would even hesitate..
  18. aristotle macrumors 68000


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    Margins. Apple is not interested in "making it up on volume". They leave the loss leaders and razor thin margins to the other guys.
  19. Macopotamus macrumors regular


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    tim is on the far right with the white jacket and long black hair
  20. Consultant macrumors G5


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    600M more potential customers (well, maybe top few percent of that)? Make it so.

    Lol mic gadget thinks US = America.
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    Look!! I found him too!!!!!!

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    Is Android already available with China Mobile? Apple needs to make this deal happen to stay competitive. Could mean huge new sales numbers from the App. Stores.
  23. gibstros macrumors newbie


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    Does the dude travel alone?

    What I don't get is where are his companions? The acting CEO of Apple travels alone and carries his own luggage? Maybe the guy next to him is an interpreter, but still, Cook has to carry his own luggage? I bet Steve doesn't carry his own luggage.
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