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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Pink∆Floyd, Oct 7, 2010.

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    So I have a Model No.:A1256 3.3V Apple Universal Dock, it costed me $49

    Here is the deal,

    I have an iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd generation and an iPhone 4, all of which are on iOS 4.1, and every time I connect any of my iDevices to the dock, I get this weird message: "This accessory is not supported by iPod Touch/iPhone"
    What is the reason behind this nonsense?
    All of my iDevices are on the latest firmware...
    Does Apple expect me to pay for a newer model no. or something?:confused:
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    Pretty much.. I have the older universal dock and I get the same message. Its just an older one and is not fully compatible with newer iDevices. That dock is made for more like iPod iPods.
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    Make sure that your 30-pin dock connector on the iDevice and the Dock are not dirty, sometimes dust builds up from being in your pocket and causes this message to show up. I get this message once in a wile even with my USB cable and my A/V component cable. I'm not saying this is going to work, but as far as troubleshooting, this is where to start.

    the only devices not supported by the Dock are the first 2 generation iPod's, everything is compatible (excluding the iPad for obvious reasons).
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    I have a Model No.:A1153 3.3V Apple Universal Dock, I payed $30 for it when I ordered my Gen 5 iPod Video when they first came out...

    I do get an error message that says:

    "This accessory not optimized for iPhone" "You may experience noise caused by cellular interference and a decrease in cellular signal strength."

    but other than that it charges and sync's my iPhone 4 just fine...

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