Apple's Wearable Category Sees 60% Growth Year-Over-Year, With Revenue Exceeding $10B Over Last Four Quarters

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    Apple's "Other Products" category, which includes AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPod touch, HomePod, Beats products, and Apple-branded and third-party accessories brought in $3.74 billion in revenue during the third quarter of 2018, up an impressive 37 percent percent compared to the year-ago quarter.

    Apple does not break down the specific sales numbers of products in the "Other" category, which makes it difficult to determine specific sales numbers for products like the HomePod, AirPods, and the Apple Watch, but Apple CEO Tim Cook this afternoon provided some insight into Apple's wearable business.


    Revenue from wearables, which includes the Apple Watch and AirPods, saw 60 percent growth year over year, according to Cook. Wearables revenue also exceeded $10 billion over the course of the last four quarters.

    Apple Watch had a record-breaking June quarter with revenue growth in the mid 40 percent range. The Apple Watch's record-breaking June quarter comes just weeks ahead of when Apple is expected to introduce a whole new model, with a larger display, better heart rate tracking, and other improved features as outlined in our Apple Watch roundup.

    Cook didn't go into details on the AirPods, but he said Apple is "thrilled" to see so many customers using AirPods. "It reminds me of the early days of the iPod," he said. "When I saw those white earbuds everywhere I went."

    Article Link: Apple's Wearable Category Sees 60% Growth Year-Over-Year, With Revenue Exceeding $10B Over Last Four Quarters
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    The Apple Watch will continue to grow Only from here. Series 4 is coming and the addition of health sensors and LTE is a contributor to more consumers migrating towards the Watch. Its a useful multitool now, but the health features in the future are where it will expand to be more beneficial versus just a ‘smart watch.’
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    “Other” segment is about to boom: timer set for the holidays. Going to double and more.
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    My prediction is that the HomePod will be the same as Apple Watch. Analysts have written it off as dead in the water for now, just like they did with Apple Watch initially. Look at Apple Watch now.
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    Seeing quite a lot of people with earpods these days. First year after they launched; one or two here and there. Now I can encounter several people wearing them across a trip from home, busride downtown, going to some shops, and then busride home again. Mostly men seem to use them, but a woman here and there also. I dunno if it's the white, spartan design. Maybe women wants something flashier and more colorful? *shrug*

    Maybe a selection of different colors would help. For quite a long while these things wouldn't stay in stock at the Apple retailer I frequent, but last time I was there I saw quite a few lined up, so now Apple could actually afford to diversify the range methinks.
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    This is good news!

    I’m interested intellectually in the increasing intimacy we have with our digital tools. And in the case of the Watch, I’m also intrigued by the increasingly symbiotic relationship we can have. In my case that means moving from Calendar alerts and MLB scores into things like the SleepWatch app and the Stanford heart study.

    I got my Series 3 LTE last month (replacing a three-year old Series 0) and it’s just extraordinary how useful it is. As just one example, the ability to make and receive calls even when I leave my phone at home is worth many times what I’m paying for the Watch (especially at my age). I really feel like it’s an augmentation of my faculties and a monitor—for my memory, for my fitness and for my health.
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    More "contrickery" (my made up word) by touting spectacular gains while still lumping it in the super secretive "Others" category.

    It's like MR posters here pointing to the recent 57% pie chart piece showing iPhone majority of sales for Apple, then saying: "See?! People said the iPhone X was a failure! 57%!! 57%!!" As if 57% was only X sales.
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    Anecdotal evidence only, but I do see AirPods proliferating in a way the AW has not. If I had to guess, there’s more profit and higher sales of the AirPods than the AW. Not that the watch sales are not increasing, but it’s hard to accept that Apple keeps throwing more and more products into the Other category, and only the AW is surging. I think people also undervalue the importance of Beats, and the ATV has certainly had a surge over the last year as well.

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