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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by bibyfok, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Jun 14, 2012
    Hi all,

    I found an AppleScript on the web to duplicate calendar events but I need some help in order to adapt it:

    I run it every hours but the script keeps duplicating already duplicated events.

    Is there a way to check if any events already exist before duplicating it?
    I'm a total newbie on scripting so any help would be extremely appreciated…


    --iCal Event Duplicator.scpt
    --Writen by Mike Cramer
    --January 10, 2011 ~ 4pm CST
    --Assume GPL style license.
    tell application "iCal"
      set TheCalendars to name of calendars
      set theSourceCalendar to ""
      set theDestinationCalendar to ""
      choose from list TheCalendars with title "Please select a source calendar" without empty selection allowed
      set theSourceCalendar to result as string
      if theSourceCalendar is "" then
        --do nothing
        set theOtherCals to {}
        repeat with anItem in TheCalendars
          if (anItem as string) is not (theSourceCalendar as string) then set theOtherCals to theOtherCals & anItem
        end repeat
        choose from list theOtherCals with title "Please select a destination calendar" without empty selection allowed
        set theDestinationCalendar to result as string
        if theDestinationCalendar is "" then
          --do nothing
          display dialog "Copy calendar events from " & theSourceCalendar & " to " & theDestinationCalendar & "?" buttons {"OK", "Cancel"} default button 2
          if the button returned of the result is "OK" then
            set TheEvents to events of calendar theSourceCalendar
            repeat with anEvent in TheEvents
              tell anEvent
                set theProperties to properties
                set THEdescription to description
                if THEdescription = missing value then set THEdescription to ""
                set thestartdate to start date
                if thestartdate = missing value then set thestartdate to ""
                set THEenddate to end date
                if THEenddate = missing value then set THEenddate to ""
                set THEalldayevent to allday event
                if THEalldayevent = missing value then set THEalldayevent to ""
                set THErecurrence to recurrence
                if THErecurrence = missing value then set THErecurrence to ""
                set THEexcludeddates to excluded dates
                --      if THEexcludeddates = missing value then set THEexcludeddates to ""
                set THEstatus to status
                if THEstatus = missing value then set THEstatus to ""
                set THEsummary to summary
                if THEsummary = missing value then set THEsummary to ""
                set THElocation to location
                if THElocation = missing value then set THElocation to ""
                set THEurl to url
                if THEurl = missing value then set THEurl to ""
              end tell
              tell calendar theDestinationCalendar
                make new event at end with properties {description:THEdescription, start date:thestartdate, end date:THEenddate, allday event:THEalldayevent, summary:THEsummary, location:THElocation, url:THEurl}
              end tell
            end repeat
            --do nothing
          end if
        end if
      end if
    end tell

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