Applescript to mount SMB file shares?


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Mar 25, 2002
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Hello Applescripters!

I wonder if you could help me out? :)
I want to be able to make SMB network shares mount on startup, I've had a look around VersionTracker but can't see anything to do the job, so, I was wondering if anyone knew if you could use an Applescript to 'tell' Finder to mount a share, and if so how you do it?

Many thanks.

BTW, I know next to nothing about Applescript, so if you do know how to do it could you please explian in full, I won't have a clue if you use scripting slang, THANKS! ;) :D

The Cynic

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Oct 13, 2002
For 10.2.x the applescript command format is:
mount volume "smb://workgroup;user:password@computername/sharedfolder"


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