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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by macstatic, May 7, 2015.

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    I need a script which will purge (remove) old backups from two internal drives. Since I already have an automated backup setup (using Chronosync) I'm thinking I can just have it run this script whenever it does its backup.

    The first drive contains Adobe Lightroom catalogs. There are two backup folders on this drive:

    /Volumes/Cache HD/Family/Backups/
    /Volumes/Cache HD/Projects/Backups/

    Within these folders you'll find an endless number of backup folders named with the date, such as:

    2015-05-02 2214
    2015-05-03 2329
    2015-05-04 0049
    2015-05-04 0645
    2015-05-05 1441
    2015-05-05 2119
    2015-05-07 1756

    At any time I'd like to keep no more than say the 4 most recent backups.

    The second drive (incidently the Time Machine drive, using its root for this) consists of a folder with numerous media files (images, videos, audio files etc.) which are copied to here whenever I import anything new to Adobe Lightroom or via Adobe Photo-downloader, in addition to its main drive. This is just to ensure I have a backup from my memory cards in case the main drive goes down in the process etc.
    The imported files are either placed directly in the backup folder (/Volumes/Time Machine/Media backups/) or in a sub-folder of it named something like "Imported on 2 May 2015". The folder naming depends on how I configure it in Lightroom so this might change.

    I figure it might be best to purge according to the file's date, regardless of being in a sub-folder or not, so let's say I want to purge any file which is older than 3 weeks old, and if a sub-folder is purged so that it's empty that folder should also be deleted.

    Are there any ready made scripts around which would be adapted for this use?
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    You could probably write a shell script to do this quite easily. The 'find' command will find files older than a certain number of days and these can be deleted. I have not tested this, but it should give you a clue

    find "/Volumes/Cache HD" -mtime +2 -exec rm {} \;
    That will find all files that were modified more than 2 days ago and execute the rm command on each one.

    You could put that into a shell script and either call it direct from terminal or an Applescript

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