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    I have recently discovered Applescript, even though I've been using Macs every day for 5 or so years. I've done some reading about it, and I think I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the whole thing. I can understand when a script has been written to work with a certain program like InDesign or Quark or PS, but when somebody writes a script for download that does something like encrypt/decrypt text or something like that, what program do you run it in? Do you use script editor? Do you use the program in which the text is written?

    I've read a lot about what AppleScript can do, but not much on how/where to do it. I'm a graphic designer, not a programmer, so this is all kind of foreign to me.
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    Automator is AppleScript GUI'ified isn't it? You can skip AppleScript and use Automator instead.

    Of course if you want to learn AppleScript for the geek value, go right ahead. It's an awesome programming language, and very interesting in how a person who have no idea how to program can look at it and know what it does.
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    This thread would be better put here in programming.

    First two places to go: Here, it shows how powerful Apple Script can be. and A good Apple Script site.

    ApplicationHD->Applications->Apple Script->Apple Script Editor

    I have only writen scripts that automate repetative tasks, i.e. using QuickTime Pro to convert media of one sort to another. I also had a script that launched a bunch of applications while a full screen movie (really a title sequence) showed on the scree. I used to use that script instead of the standard startup items. This way a cool title screen and sound opend my computer and I didn't see all my applications launch in the forground.

    If you have found a script that does this (encrypt/decrypt), contact the author or read the comments inside the script. Heck post it. You know what application it is running by looking at the tell application command, you should know what application is being controlled. Though I would guess that it might be able to use the algorythms that OSX has built in. PGP is now scriptable.

    Apple script is able to do all sorts of things beyond just zinging other applications. It is nearly a VHLL (very high level language), and argublely is. Machine Language is a LLL (low level language), programers have to move individual bits across mantistas etc. . Higher level languages are more abstract and generaly have more user relatable syntax. Apple script can pull from the OS and do all sorts of functions. A person could create a word processor or even a calculator, though why I do not know. Apple Script is really cool, though I opted to learn DreamCard because it is a little more user friendly.

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