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    Dec 25, 2001
    As the title says, I need some good resources on Applescripting. Primarily I am looking for some type of "key" that lists available commands, or any well done site (I don't mean aesthetically) with a strong forum.

    Basically I need to start writing simple Applescripts to automate some menial but time consuming tasks. For instance, i want to write one that trashes the preferences for Final Cut Pro everytime I close it, stuff like that.

    Any and all help appreciated-

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    May 28, 2002
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    You can access the Scripting Dictionaries for each application by opening up Script Editor, selecting "Open Dictionary..." from the File menu (could be named something different in a diff. version of Script Editor), and then selecting the application for which you want to know commands in the subsequent dialog. Note that this dialog usually takes something like 30-60 seconds to come up, so don't be impatient. :)

    These dictionaries will tell you all the commands you can use and how to refer to objects in that program.

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